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With mystical beauty and delicate grace, butterflies amaze and mesmerize us. They decorate our gardens with vibrant color and assist other insects in the pollination of flowers. Do you wish you could attract more of these beautiful creatures to your yard? You can! Easily and quickly, you can transform a small portion of your lawn into a butterfly paradise. Rose Franklin has been invested in, and possibly obsessed with, butterfly gardening for 20 years. She has rated and ranked hundreds of plant species for their attractiveness to butterflies, and then compiled a list of plants that are irresistible to them. This book beautifully illustrates and describes the top ranking plants. It also intimately introduces you to some of the butterflies you will likely see in your newly-created butterfly garden.

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Gardening to Magnetize Them Gorgeous Butterflies into Your Backyard

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Make your plot butterfly-friendly to attract colour and development into the landscaping while aiding the pollination of flowers, fruit, and vegetable plants.

Regrettably that urbanization and other change are shrinking butterflies’ natural environment, leaving less places to feed, mate, and lay eggs. Allow me to share some tricks to reverse this pattern.

Butterfly gardens do not need to be large. It is possible to grow plants in containers on the patio as well as in hanging pots and window boxes.

Butterflies need the sun to maintain the body temperature up, so position your garden in the sunniest location achievable.

The important thing to attracting butterflies is to supply them with lots of nectar sources; additionally prefer to take advantage of open, tube-shape flowers.

All butterflies start out as caterpillars that require host plants to feed on. Many of these are native plants-weeds and wildflowers which could be growing on or near your house. Some good choices of plants include clovers, milkweeds, and violets. (more…)

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