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How to Entice Butterflies to your Garden

A Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) on Buddleja.

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How to entice butterflies to your garden is fun and simple too. Butterflies are easy to entice to your garden if you plant a garden where the caterpillar (pupa step) has plants to eat and then the butterfly has flowers from which to sip nectar.

Butterfly gardens are simple to plant and will provide you and your friends and family a chance to peek butterflies in their natural environment.

The basics are an open space with tons of sunshine and a location that is not windy. Choose a spot with lots of sunlight with a few rocks or stones that can warm up on which the butterflies will bask in the afternoon sun.

Strive to locate your garden close to hedges or shrubs that will aid in shielding them from the hardy winds. If it is too windy, the butterflies won’t stay around for any length of time.

The hedge or shrub needs to develop food for the caterpillar. You can find out what the caterpillar likes best from your Nursery Garden Center. (more…)

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