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Yellow, Black, and Red Menatius Swallowtail Butterfly Mounted in Brown Display

Every butterfly/insect from Ben the Butterfly Guy is obtained from the Eastern provinces of Peru, the country with the most species of butterflies in the world. Peru is a mega-diverse country with 86 of the 118 eco-systems that exist on the planet containing an estimated 3800 – 4400 butterfly species out of the roughly 20,000 species world wide. We engage in educating sustainable environmental management as my assistance in conclusive studies in the field of Lepidoptera shows that the health of an eco-system can be determined by the diversity of butterflies found in that given area. In other words, damaged eco-systems harbor few if any butterflies. This message, when expressed with an economic resource, is the best way to spread awareness and education that will protect these beautiful rainforests.

Product Features

  • This butterfly is the Menatius Swallowtail, considered by some to be a sub-species of Pterorous zagreus
  • 6.5″ x 5.5″ x 1.5″ (Inch) Brown frame with double pane glass front and back (see through)
  • Opened and preserved to museum quality standards so they last a lifetime

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