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Reasons to Buy Live Butterfly Kits

Mature caterpillar feeding on swamp milkweed


The butterfly kits are made from mesh and so there is no way the caterpillar or butterfly will be able to get out on its own. Kids would therefore be able to get as close to the butterflies as they wish and take in their real and natural beauty.

It is also a great project to keep kids occupied during the winter months when they do not have many places to go and can become bored very quickly. Having a live butterfly kit at home would mean they have something real to look forward to after school, rather than just be sat in front of the television.

There are a number of sizes of butterfly kits available, and so you should think carefully about what sort of project you are after. All the packs will provide you with a batch of caterpillars, enough food to keep them growing properly, a mesh cage and easy instructions that even your child will be able to follow with no problem. (more…)

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