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Butterfly Kits – Make Your Child Learn The Butterfly Lifecycle

Chrysalis of Gulf Fritillary, (Agraulis vanillae)


Children like to raise butterflies and they would love to play with them. You can gift your child with one of those Butterfly kits. These butterfly kits lets them grow butterflies and will make your child happy by raising them at your home easily.

Your children can also raise these butterflies at their schools using these kits. To do this you need not be a biologist but using such kits, you can grow a handful of them in this small containers. All that you need is some amount of sugar.

There are large numbers of suppliers who provide these butterfly kits but generally they all look to be similar. They provide the list of items given below:

Some sort of housing
A good feeder
A pot of good food 

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Butterfly Kits For Children- Things To Know About Them

Mature caterpillar feeding on swamp milkweed


Butterfly kits for children are one of the most educational gifts you can give to any kid. These will not only teach the kids how a butterfly evolves through various stages of the life cycle but also teaches about the beauty of the nature. A butterfly kit essentially contains all the things needed to raise a butterfly.  It includes a gift certificate that allows the kids to plan accordingly and order the caterpillars when they are ready to take care of them.

Here are some of the things that one must know when they are using butter fly kit:

1) Before ordering the caterpillars the kids must make sure that they are available to take care of them until the whole cycle is done and that can range for about 3 weeks. So, it’s always advisable to choose holiday time when there is a break for the schools to do this project.

2) When the caterpillars arrive, they must be handled very carefully and most of the time, they are provided with adequate food required. All they have to do is transfer them to the container and watch the developments that happen after that.

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Butterfly Kits For School – A Fun Learning Experience!


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Children tend to be interested in many things, even the simplest ones. Their young ages make them more observant on their surroundings and on things they do not understand or fascinate them. This characteristic makes a butterfly kit for school a wonderful addition to their learning development.

Having a Butterfly kits that can be used in school gives children a chance to see and appreciate the wonders of God’s creation and the magnificence of evolution first hand. And for most children, this is most likely one of the most educational gifts you can give to any kid. (more…)

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Reasons to Buy Live Butterfly Kits

Mature caterpillar feeding on swamp milkweed


The butterfly kits are made from mesh and so there is no way the caterpillar or butterfly will be able to get out on its own. Kids would therefore be able to get as close to the butterflies as they wish and take in their real and natural beauty.

It is also a great project to keep kids occupied during the winter months when they do not have many places to go and can become bored very quickly. Having a live butterfly kit at home would mean they have something real to look forward to after school, rather than just be sat in front of the television.

There are a number of sizes of butterfly kits available, and so you should think carefully about what sort of project you are after. All the packs will provide you with a batch of caterpillars, enough food to keep them growing properly, a mesh cage and easy instructions that even your child will be able to follow with no problem. (more…)

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Butterfly Kits are a Great Activity for Home or School

Do you know what a butterfly kit consists of, and how to use them?

Raising butterflies has a great appeal to both children and adults. (At this point, I just have to throw my hands up without any more thought). One of the best ways to do that is with what is called a butterfly kit – it lets you raise butterflies at home or in a classroom. In one small container you can raise a handful of butterflies, without being a biologist. And no specialized tools or equipment are necessary. It’s very simple, because the only thing you need to provide is the sugar!

Let us have a look at all what a butterfly kit comprises of.

There are a number of suppliers out there who provide butterfly kits, but in general, they are almost identical in what they provide:

Feeder, Pot of food, Housing of some sort, Instructions, Caterpillars

For different manufacturers, the housing slightly varies. Some kits are clear and a plastic container and sometimes the kit to hold the butterflies is made out of some kind of mesh. It doesn’t really matter how it is built. What each one of them offers is a way of holding emerging butterflies safely, as well as a clear view of what is going on inside.

Every manufacturer has their own distinct version of a feeder. A dropper, pipette, or perhaps a cotton bud may be needed to hold the liquid. Once again, it’s not really important what is provided because it will be sufficient no matter what it is.

Generally, the kit does not include the caterpillars. You will most likely recieve a certificate so you can claim your caterpilliars. You need to be sure you are ready to get caterpillars and take care of them. It will not work if you receive the caterpillars and don’t utilize them until weeks later.  Thus you may make arrangements in advance and be certain to have sufficient time prior to placing your order. A lot of suppliers allow you to choose the dates in which the caterpillars are to be sent.

The point being, all you need offer the caterpillars is a dish of food. Please be warned. Harm may come to your livestock along with other detrimental issues if anything else is tried.

To ensure that you’ll know what needs to be done at what time, each kit comes with complete instructions.

When you purchase a butterfly kit you will recieve the following.

The supplies will permit you to track the journey of the butterfly, from caterpillar to the cocoon stage, from the cocoon to butterfly which takes place in about three to five weeks.

This is a extremely exciting experience trip and one for many children (correct, and grown-ups) will have a good time and not forget. The butterflies supplied have a breeding season that runs from March through September, so you may repeat the process as many times as you want during that time frame. The type of butterfly which you will typically find supplied is of the Painted Lady variety.

It isn’t necessary to purchase a new butterfly kit each time. Raising butterflies can be economical because the housing is re-usable, the only thing you would need to reorder are the caterpillars. Keep in mind that you should release the butterflies after watching them for a few days.  If you have the right plants, butterflies will often stay there for a while. Letting butterflies go near your home won’t cause any disturbance to the environment because their species is already so common.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a garden or if you live in an area that’s not flat. Acquiring food finds butterflies traveling hundreds of miles fortunately, flying comes easy to them.

So there it is; butterfly kits and how to use them. I’m sure you will get as much enjoyment from it as I did.


Make it fun using butterfly kits to raise butterflies at home or school. Amaze yourself, friends and family with things you find out. Find out what to do by visiting the butterfly kit website.
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