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A Good Job for a Butterfly Watcher?

People who love butterflies seem to like to take time to enjoy life. They are not usually the driven, cutthroat, Type A sorts who never take time to enjoy nature and the world around them.

What is a good job for a butterfly watcher?  I would say one that contributes value to the world: building things, helping others—even helping others build things.

What is a good place for a butterfly watcher to work? A company that values its employees and their contributions and treats them well, don’t you think?

Businesses related to homebuilding and remodeling often attract people who like to work outdoors, enjoy observing nature, and take pride in helping others build or improve pleasant places to live and work.  If the owners or managers have a good attitude toward employees and customers, they can be very satisfying places to work.

For example, a company called Build-Direct sells building/remodeling supplies on line. So instead of dragging around through a bunch of showrooms, searching for what they need, customers can order from a huge selection of flooring, moldings, doors, and wood trim on line.

The company is dedicated to serving customers while providing a satisfying work/life balance for employees. It seems like a laid-back place to work for a living and to contribute to the comfort and convenience of others at the same time. To get a feel for what it is like to work for them, you can read some BuildDirect reviews on their glass door website. There is also a nice wikipedia page about BuildDirect if you would like to learn more about who they are and what they do.

Private companies can make a positive difference in the lives of their employees and customers and still make a good profit. In fact, keeping employees relaxed and happy is a great way to make customers happy. Happy customers are loyal customers, and that is great for business.

What the best job for a butterfly watcher? Of course, that depends on individual needs and preferences. Maybe you need to support a family, or maybe you really want to be able to travel to Costa Rica or Southeast Asia to study rare butterfly species.

Or maybe you just want a job that is not too stressful and allows plenty of time to hike in the country or sit on the porch with a cool drink and watch the butterflies in your garden. Before you accept a job that sounds exciting but may not make you happy, it is always a good idea to read reviews on line, ask around, do a little research to see if you can be happy there.

And that you will still have enough time to watch butterflies.

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Virginia Butterflies & Moths: A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Species (Pocket Naturalist Guide Series)

Virginia’s state insect is a Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly — but there are many more species to be found inside her 40,000 square miles. Virginia Butterflies and Moths offers beautiful detailed illustrations highlighting over 70 familiar species of butterflies and moths. Laminated for durability, this flexible folding guide is an ideal source of identification to these alluring creatures. Easy to fit in a jacket or back pocket, this compact guide will educate and delight both the experienced and novice lepidopterist.

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Whimsy Garden Flowers and 6 Butterflies Nursery Wall Sticker Decals

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  • Pre-cut, Peel & stick
  • Instantly brighten up any space
  • Remove in seconds without damaging your paint
  • Repositionable; Removable
  • 4 sheets of 10″ x 18″

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Watching Butterflies Cat No 4951-D

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Sizzix Sizzlits Die Set Birds and Butterflies by Eileen Hull for Scrapbooking, 3-Pack

Sizzlits Decorative Sets are simple to use, compact and portable for creating at home or on the go. Designed to cut a single sheet of cardstock, paper, metallic foil or vellum, these complementary die sets offer an endless array of design possibilities.

Product Features

  • Sizzix Sizzlits Die Set
  • Category: Shape-Cutting
  • Compatible with the BIGkick, Big Shot, Vagabond Machines and Sidekick Machines
  • Sizzlits 3-Die Decorative Set
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Easter Butterfly Decorations

Easter is coming! For the spring lover, there is no better time of year. It’s time to celebrate the new growth and beauty of the season. The cold weather is breaking and before you know it, light jackets and short sleeves will make their entrance from the dark recesses of the closet. The delicate air and young blossoms call you outdoors. The feeling is unlike any other time of year.

Decorating for Easter is a yearly tradition and rite of spring. When that spring fever hits, I know the time has come to transform the inside to match the outside. I start by pulling out my favorite plants and placing them more prominently in the room. Spring isn’t spring without flowers and butterflies, so they follow the path of the plants. The exquisite little nylon butterflies attached to craft wire and placed into the plants appear as though they have elegantly paused mid-flight to rest.

I like to make new fresh flower bouquets and arrangements for the season and I add the smaller nylon butterflies among the blossoms. The smaller nylon butterflies give it a similar yet different feel, so that they tie into my theme but are not repetitive. For example, in one area I will use nylon butterflies gracefully adorned with sparking jewels or crystals to catch the sunlight. In another, I use the sequined type. On occasion, I’ll hang beautiful daisies or ladybugs among the butterflies for a truly magical feel. Close to Easter, we add bunny decorations and eggs into the mix for an egg hunt.

During the Easter season, we celebrate love and beauty of the soul. Pulling Easter in through the though of life renewal carries special meaning for our family and we all look forward to the season. I was thrilled this year when my daughter asked me to help decorate the kids’ game room, too. Her love of my butterfly collection, especially the nylon butterflies with the jewels and sequins, led me to know exactly what we would do for the kids’ game room.

We added not only the nylon butterflies and springtime decorations but also cloud wall stickers and even some beautifully decorated alphabet letters in a springtime theme. The room now shines. We created an inspiring and exciting place to enjoy the wonder and newness of spring and get ready for the fun and renewal of Easter.

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Bugs-n-Blooms is a family owned business that offers unique décor, including nylon butterfly, ladybug, flower and bumblebee decorations and accessories to add magic and charm to any room. The company also offers a selection of dress up clothes, such as butterfly wings, tutu skirts and fairy wands that bring out the fairy princess in any little girl.
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Protect your Plants with Butterfly Netting

If you spend hours in your garden it can be frustrating if your plants suffer from attacks from wildlife.  Butterfly netting is the perfect solution if you are finding it difficult coping with caterpillars.  These small creatures can cause extensive damage, especially if you are trying to grow your own fruit and vegetables.

The Problem with Caterpillars

There are many different types of caterpillars and they come in all different sizes.  Throughout their life span these small creatures have to eat as much as possible before they make their cocoons and turn into a butterfly.  If you are unsure as to whether your problem is related to the caterpillars you can look out for some signs.  The first being the appearance of damage to your crops so look out for leaves being half eaten.  You can also keep an eye out for their eggs which will be on the underside of the leaves in small clusters.

The Natural Option

There are chemicals which you can buy to try to cope with the problem.  The problem with this is it can be harmful to the environment and can cause the build-up of toxins in the body when consumed. The safest way to get prevent this type of damage is to use butterfly netting.  This is a safe alternative for the environment and will not affect the crop.  If you are looking to live the good life and want to grow organic foods then this is the ideal option to choose.

Protect Against Butterflies

Butterfly netting helps to stop the butterflies from laying their eggs on your plants and therefore is the perfect way of dealing with this problem.  A fine mesh is laid over the areas you need to protect.  The thin mesh will prevent many other insects from getting to the lush green plants below and is able to stop virtually all types of moths and butterflies.

The butterfly netting is designed to last many years so it is an occasional purchase that needs to be made every ten years or so.  If you would like your plants to be pollenated you will need to remove the netting for periods of time.  This allows the useful pollinators such as birds and bees to gain access to the pollen and do what comes naturally.  Once you are confident that pollination has taken place simply cover the netting back over.

Order the Size you need

You can usually purchase the butterfly netting by the metre. Simply measure the area you need to cover and order the correct size online.  If you want a longer length than usual you may have to call the company and make your request.  You will also need to use pegs to secure the netting to prevent it being blown away; you can buy specially designed pegs or craft your own.

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Butterfly netting is the perfect way to stop damage to your crops by caterpillars and other small insects. You can continue to grow organic food and plants by using butterfly netting and avoid the use of pesticides and chemicals which are harmful to the environment.
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West Virginia Butterflies & Moths: A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Species (Pocket Naturalist Guide Series)

While the easily recognized Monarch is the official state butterfly, West Virginia is home to many species. West Virginia Butterflies and Moths is the ideal pocket-sized, folding guide to identify these remarkable creatures in your garden or on the trail. This beautifully illustrated guide highlights over 72 familiar species of butterflies and moths. Laminated for durability and lightweight, it is an ideal nature companion.

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Know More Close To Butterfly Habitat

Butterflies are usually present in natural surroundings this kind of as fields forests and in addition in residential areas specifically in gardens and yards. Theyre primarily noticed in tropical areas plus they favor warm weathers. A lot of the butterflies are day fliers and just cannot escape your attention at any offered time from the day.


Butterfly habitat comprises of sunny and warm locations open fields and meadows. They dont thrive in windy and rainy weathers. Their pores and skin is so fragile that they will be torn apart in this kind of conditions. Butterflies preferably prefer to reside in marshy lands as these places will be the greatest resources of vitamins for them.

Wetlands Wetlands are regarded as to get organic habitat for butterflies as they draw a whole lot of their nutrients in the upper surface of those lands.

Meadows Butterflies enjoy to get amongst different sorts of colourful vegetation grasses and flowers. The density of these vegetation allows them to nest and also the colors entice them in the course of their mating season. The butterflies lay their eggs on plant leaves. They get their nourishment by drinking the nectar through the flowers. Butterflies are interested in any flowers expanding from spring via drop.

Forests This is yet another preferred butterfly habitat. They prefer open woodlands and never dense forests. Butterflies typically come right here to shelter themselves from harsh sunlight and wind as their pores and skin is quite delicate to those circumstances. The caterpillars usually nettle on this type of habitat.

Gardens This can be a manmade butterfly habitat. Your own yard and house gardens can be a habitat for butterflies. Various types of plants appeal to these creatures. The most typical site visitors to these places are skippers and monarchs. Even herbs these as rosemary thoughts and lavender entice butterflies. This is a finest place to get flowery plants in which the butterflies can derive their nectar. Root gardens vegetable vegetation can be a great location for caterpillars to feed on.

Butterflies have to keep regulating their physique temperatures. They cannot fly until their body temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit because of this of which you might occasionally discover them resting on stones or rocks.

Butterfly habitats need to consist of flowery vegetation shrubs and grass. They get nourishment from the nectar with the flowers. The host plant may differ for caterpillars and adult butterflies.

These days numerous natural butterfly habitats have already been destroyed as a result of pesticides and construction websites.

Alter of all that by making a butterfly habitat correct in your yard exactly where you not merely entice these beautiful creatures but additionally assist them flourish.

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By the way do you want to find out about abstract butterfly paintings ? Go look at our pictures of butterflies homepage.
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The tress provides best protection and shelter from cold air as well as freezing rains. Moreover, by living in Mexico person will also see beautiful scenery scenes and landscapes. If person wants to live in Mexico then person should concern about the cost or price of living in Mexico. Mexico is famous and popular for many reasons such as real estate, public transportation, best fresh food and many more important reasons. If person wants to live in Mexico then person should consider important factors such as geography of Mexico, different considerations and other factors.

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