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Butterfly Art and Gifts

The serenity and beauty of the butterfly has extended to the commercial sector.  It is possible to find butterfly art and gifts for almost any occasion and is suitable for anyone. Whether it’s male or female, child, teenager, or adult be assured that there is a gift or a piece of art somewhere bearing the emblem of the butterfly that the recipient will me more than grateful to receive.

Butterfly Art

Butterfly art can be described as any work or creation involving the use of butterflies in its natural form or manmade. This type of art has taken on a new dimension even in contemporary society when environmentalists and advocates of animal rights frown upon many business ideas that include animal in any form.

Although framed butterflies are actual butterflies that have died, this art form is not in any way harmful to the life of these dainty creatures because of the methods involved in the making of this type of art.  The beauty of the mounted butterflies like the acrylic case is a sight to behold. The colors and natural beauty shows this is one of the purest art forms.

Butterfly Art and Gifts Ideas

When it comes to selecting butterfly art and gifts there is an overwhelming amount and categories to choose from. The list seems endless and range from apparel and jewelry to stickers and stationery. Here is a list of some creative ideas to choose from.

In this technological age the Butterflies mouse pad makes a perfect gift. It looks like a beautiful piece of art work with the butterflies of many different shapes and colors arranged on the pad. The journal makes a perfect gift for a child. With an image of a butterfly etched on its cover the child should be encouraged to be at liberty to be as creative as the symbol. These can be accompanied by the note cards and stickers all bearing beautiful images of the butterfly.

The butterfly wall calendar is a sure way to get a panoramic view of this delicate creature. Each month comes with a new butterfly, skillfully poised and ready to take off. Some of the butterflies on this calendar were photographed while others are creative inspirations.

The butterfly love throw pillow is a must for every home. It’s so delicate looking and so tempting to hold as well.  One can complement this with the butterfly teddy bear. They not only provide comfort but add color and warmth to the room as well.

Not to be left out there are also butterfly art and gifts for the kitchen and dining areas.  The Monarch travel mug, Monarch butterfly tile coaster and the butterfly ceramic mug all make a good collection for those areas.

Apparel bearing images of the butterfly in a variety of art forms are also available and good ideas for gifts. There is an abundance of t-shirts, jackets and other tops that come in many different colors, shapes and sizes.

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