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Winter Pleasures: Butterfly Conservatories and Sheepskin Seat Covers

When there are no butterflies to view outdoors, no matter where you go, it is definitely winter. Winter may have its own pleasures, but they do not include butterflies unless you visit a butterfly garden. Or course, it is cold outside.

The Museum of Natural History in my city has a wonderful conservatory butterfly garden, with tropical and temperate plants, a stream, a waterfall—in short, butterfly heaven. But you still have to drive there, park, and walk from the parking lot to the museum. And it is cold nowadays, especially when you get back to your car afterward. It always takes the heater awhile (too long) to warm up.

How do you get to that winter haven, the butterfly garden, and back home again without getting unbearably cold? One way is to have comfortable, luxurious and delightful—custom-fitted sheepskin seat covers in your car. Naturally you can enjoy them all winter, not just for going to the butterfly garden.

Sheepskin seat covers make great gifts, too. You can give some to yourself or bestow some on a person whose car you ride in a lot during the winter. (Is that selfish? Yes? So? It is altruistic, too. The recipient will enjoy them all winter, even when you are not along for the ride.)

When the weather warms up, you can store your sheepskins, if you want to. Some people like to keep them in place year round for their softness and comfort.

In the spring you can get out your binoculars and camera and head for the fields to watch for butterflies again. Meanwhile, stay warm, drink hot cocoa, and enjoy the luxury and comfort of soft, furry sheepskin seat covers.

By the way, ComfySheep, the maker of some of the most beautiful sheepskin automobile seat covers, also makes sheepskin rugs, pet beds, and other sheepskin products that also make wonderful gifts for the winter holidays—or anytime.

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