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Staying Comfortable While Watching Butterflies

April weather is unpredictable: warm one day, chilly the next. In some parts of the US it can even snow in April.

Watching butterflies outdoors can be chilly in many areas, even if you stay in the car. You can still be comfortable, though. Take a thermos of coffee, tea or hot chocolate with you, and cover the car seats with soft, furry sheepskin sear covers. Besides being warm, they are also soft and luxurious natural fibers.

Of course you can also wear a sheepskin-lined jacket and cap. But it is that cold, there probably will not be any butterflies yet. Still, they are nice to have when it does get chilly, even if there are no butterflies to see. Sheepskin products are warm!

Mornings, though, can be chilly even with warm days. In that case it is really nice to have sheepskin rugs on each side of the bed to keep your toes warm while you find your slippers. That makes it just a little bit easier to get up early on weekdays and for weekend outings like butterfly-watching trips.

You can even pamper your dogs and cats with a sheepskin bed. They will love it—and hopefully leave more room in your own bed for you.

That means you will get more sleep, of course. And that makes it easier to get up early for butterfly-watching expeditions.

Still, be sure to pack your gear the night before. So you can be sure to get an early start.

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