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Solar Power and Butterflies Go Together Like Sunshine and Flowers

Solar power may seem like an odd topic for a site about butterflies, but it is actually right on topic. Why? Because butterflies are dying out because of pollution, especially air pollution, such as that produced by electricity plants.

Where I live most electricity is made by burning coal. Our air is polluted, and butterflies, frogs, and other delicate animals are suffering. They need clean air and clean water to survive. Ultimately, so do we.

Solar power is clean, safe, quiet, and getting less expensive all the time. Already it is less expensive than nuclear power—and so much safer.

Solar power has proven to pay for itself pretty quickly even in the northern United States and Northern Europe. And unlike hydroelectric power, it does not require flooding thousands of acres of land and building a big dam.

Putting solar panels on your house can save you money as well as benefiting the environment. It can slash your electric bills—and help pay for itself even more quickly in some areas, where you can sell money back to the electric company on sunny days. That not only benefits you; it also keeps the electric company from having to make as much electricity, and that means less pollution.

In areas suffer from fairly frequent power outages due to power lines being downed by windstorms or thunderstorms—solar power can keep your power running during the day (and charge all kinds of batteries for use at night) even when you have lost your connection to the power grid.

The best reason to go solar is that it will benefit the Earth as well as your health and that of your family. Solar is the cleanest, safest energy we know of.

So how much will solar installation cost you? In the UK you can get up to five free quotes on solar installation costs from a website where solar is made easy. Just enter your contact information and a few details about your house, and you are done.

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