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Should You Buy Framed Butterflies for Sale

Author: Mani Kr

Tiger Longwing

TIger Longwing butterfly. Image by TexasEagle via Flickr

Framed butterflies make perfect gifts. They can beautify any room with their bright colors and there are also many sizes to choose from. Their uniqueness in decorating homes and other places have led to an expanding business venture where many stores now offer framed butterflies for sale.

This is a type of art that is environmentally friendly. In using framed butterflies, this is nature at its best.

Types of Frames

There are many different types of frames available to suit the décor of the room and also everyone’s taste. Some of the more popular frames include those made from wood. Black walnut, cherry, mahogany, and red oak are strong and beautiful woods that give the framed butterfly a beautiful finish.

For those persons who prefer something less natural or lighter acrylic frames are also available. Butterflies can be bought in single frame. This type of frame contains only one butterfly. Another option is the multiple frames that contain more than one of the insects in one frame.

How Butterflies Are Obtained

As the need for framed butterflies’ increases, suppliers have to find ways to satisfy that demand. Although the innovative individual could find butterflies in the garden or in some place nearby those persons who frame butterflies on a large scale have to seek other supply methods. Many of them purchase butterflies from different farms around the world.

On these farms the insects are tended through all the stages of their lives. Some are also bred according to their species. The total lifespan of the butterfly is relatively short, usually about thirty days. The farms normally send the dried butterflies to the frame producers. This is also in keeping with environmental concerns.

Framed Butterflies Display

Blue Morpho Butterfly

This butterfly can be found in South America, Mexico and Central America. They are one of the largest butterflies in the world. They are of a bright blue color with black around the edges. Some displays have this butterfly in a frame between two panes of glass. This makes it extremely beautiful to look at because it can be viewed from two sides.

Rainbow Butterfly

This type is a native of New Guinea. It is incredibly beautiful because of its array of colors. It has a mixture of blue, green, silver and lavender. This butterfly will make for a nice display if it is placed in a see through frame.

3 Butterfly Vertical Display

This frame has a collection of three butterflies. This is more colorful than the frame with the single display because these three butterflies have different colors. They are displayed on a white cotton background behind a pane of glass.

 Purchasing These Framed Creatures

There is an abundance of online stores with framed butterflies for sale.  The majority of these stores provide the consumer with a wealth of information. Sometimes they give some historical facts about butterfly decoration as well as the process of framing the insects. Each site is full with many beautiful pictures and what they offer.

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