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Old Farmhouse

Thanks to Darwin Barton

I bought this old farmhouse as a gift for my mother who loved restoring old properties, partly because it was her birthday and partly because I got a killer deal on it. But little did I know that about 2 months after I closed on the place mom would pass away – now I’ve got this huge farmhouse that I can’t sell because it needs too much work. So I’ve started working on the place myself as a tribute to mom – it’s not all that hard but it is time consuming and I have learned a LOT about home renovations in the process. I got internet for the place so I could look up techniques and products while I was out here working on it and I’ve actually had some consulting done from this guy in town who knows period homes like this one. The original intention was to sell the place once I fixed it up but you know, mom would really like to think of me living here…

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