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More Time for Butterflies

People who love butterflies love beauty, and most of us love to be outdoors in the natural world.

Most of us do not get to spend nearly as much time outside as we would like, and some of us live in places where weather can be very harsh in the summer or winter, severely limiting our outdoor time. So what do we do?

Many nature lovers surround themselves with images of butterflies and the outdoors, so we can enjoy them year round. In large cities some of us can visit public butterfly gardens, rainforest habitats in greenhouses, and so on.

But most of the time we are left to try to make our home surroundings as pretty and welcoming as we can. In bad weather we want being confined indoors to be as pleasant as we can make it.

We also try to make our homes as efficient as possible with good quality home appliances and other time-savesrs so that we have more time to get outside, weather permitting.

In good weather we want household chores to consume as little time as possible. So we have more time to go play with the butterflies.

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