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Holiday Prep for Butterfly Lovers

It’s that quiet time of year again. The wild butterflies are gone with the wind. The plump little caterpillars are nestled all snug in their cocoons.

It’s almost time for the winter holidays…And you can’t wait to bring in a tree and start decorating it with strings of butterfly lights and glittery butterfly ornaments.

But wait before bringing the boxes of butterfly ornaments down from the attic. It’s not yet time to start checking the strings of butterfly lights for dead bulbs.

Planning on throwing glittering, butterfly-bedecked holiday parties? Before you start decorating for the fall and winter festivities, why not take a good hard look at the house?

How are the bathrooms looking? A little shabby? Messy? Cramped for storage space?

Now is the time to think of updating the way they look in time for the holiday festivities. Mission style vanities are classic yet trendy. Custom made vanities are always in style. And won’t they look lovely reflecting twinkling holiday lights?

Do you need more storage to hide the bathroom clutter? How about some linen cabinets? And tub safety may not be glamorous, but it might be a life-saver for a family member or guest.

Ordering high-quality bathroom furniture and accessories on line is quick and easy from Direct to You Furniture. You can order directly from the manufacture and even get the perfect items custom made to fit the space.

So do away with bathroom shabbiness or clutter. And then get on with the fun things, like decorating your holiday tree with glittering butterfly ornaments and hanging strings of glowing butterfly lights.

And be sure to save a string of  butterfly lights for each bathroom. They’ll be so gorgeous now that you’ll want to show them off.

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