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Designing Iron Butterflies for Your Garden? Here’s a Tip

And now for something completely different. Do you design iron butterflies? How about other metal parts and products? If you do, you may need precision industrial cutting services such as Laser CuttingProduction Shearing, or Cutting & Band Sawing offered by Industrial Metal Supply.

In addition to custom work, you will want to be able to select from a variety of metals, shapes and profiles. Using standardized sizes can save time and money in manufacturing. After all, you are probably not the first person to design or manufacture a metal butterfly.

In a hurry to launch that iron butterfly? Or whatever? In Southern California and Arizona there are a host of locations where you can drive in and pick up the parts you need, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire, Orange County and Phoenix.

At the factory showrooms, you (or your representative) can pick from a large selection of standard parts. As soon as your order is assembled, your driver can retrieve your custom and/or standard order from willcall and often can deliver it to you the same day.

Heavy metal butterflies and great customer service. What more could you want? Besides real butterflies in your garden, of course.

And just think how charming those butterflies will look, flitting among metal garden sculptures (such as iron butterflies?) designed to enhance the beauty of their garden setting.

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