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Butterfly-Watching in Style

Of course you can watch butterflies from indoors. Just look out your window.

And you can watch butterflies in your yard. You will see a few. If you plant a lot of butterfly-attracting plants, of course, you will see more.

But to really see butterflies up close and personal, and to see all the varieties that can be seen in your area, you need to either build a world-claas butterfly garden in your yard or get out in the field and see butterflies in their natural habitats. Because the habitats for different butterflies, even in your own area, are different.

Each species of butterfly lays its eggs on certain kinds of plants. Some are quite specialized.

For example, Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on milkweed plants, because that is what their caterpillars eat. Other plants will not do, which is why we see very few Monarchs these days. Milkweed tends to grow along the edges of cultivated crops, and agricultural weedkillers are wiping out milkweed—and Monarchs along with it.

So you need to go to nature preserves, arburetums, and other outdoor areas to see the butterfly species that are native to your part of the world. And often that requires some special equipment: binoculars, a compass, sturdy clothes, hiking boots, backpacks, canteens, and what-not, It could get expensive—unless you know the secret: nomorerack.

Nowadays you are missing out if you fail to shop online for super bargains on whatever you need to buy for your butterfly-watching expeditions. You save money on the price but also by not having to drive to a store, using (very expensive) gasoline. And you save time, which is also worth money.

Besides, you will need those online savings to buy more (expensive) gasoline to go out butterfly watching.

See you in the field. Well equipped and having a super time, I hope.

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