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Butterfly Lovers and Others Appreciate Flowers

I love butterflies. I spend a lot of my free time watching and photographing them in my own backyard, where I’ve planted a wide variety of plants to attract them. In cold weather I go to the butterfly garden at the Natural History Museum. I love being surrounded by the flowers as well as the butterflies.

Not all my friends share my fascination with butterflies and the outdoors, and not all of them have easy access to a museum-quality butterfly garden, but everyone loves flowers. So I send flowers as gifts for many occasions. My butterfly-watching time is precious, so I shop online for next day delivery flowers.

In my experience friends, family, and business associates all appreciate receiving fresh, beautifully designed flower arrangements or cut flowers. I never have to worry about how gifts will fit, and flowers are always in style.

I enjoy the good prices, next-day delivery, and not having to spend time driving all around town shopping for gifts. Next-day deliveries are especially valuable for last-minute gifts, funerals, and business gifts.

For birthdays and wedding anniversaries of loved ones, I have signed up for the VIP club to send flowers arrangements for me, so I never forget. To personalize floral gifts I like to send an email, or sometimes even a handwritten note, including instructions for keeping the flowers fresh as long as possible.

I find that everyone appreciates receiving flowers, and having flowers delivered leaves me more time for butterfly-watching…and for other delightful things.

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