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After Gardening, Pamper Your Toes and Indoor Pets, Too

Butterfly gardening is hard work. At this time of year, after even a short session of weeding or watering, you come back into the house all hot and sweaty, ready for a cold drink, a cool shower and a nap. You have been nurturing the butterflies, caring for the plants that attract and feed them. Now you are ready to pamper yourself.

One of the best small pleasures before or after your nap—or anytime—is to dig your toes into the silky softness of sheepskin rugs. They are wonderful beside the bed and in front of a favorite reading chair in the bedroom—or anywhere you can enjoy the softness with your clean, bare feet.

And now that you have taken care of the butterflies, there are other sheepskin products that you can use to pamper your indoor pets. Sheepskin makes wonderful pet beds, too. I love the ones from

Warm and natural, sheepskin cradles your pets in softness. It is warm in the winter and can be covered with a washable cloth cover for summer use.

Pets love it, especially cats, who seem to like to be warmer than the air conditioning usually allows, if you keep it really cool in the summer. Cats love cuddling up in the softness of skeepskin rugs, pillows and beds.

And after all, it’s better than having them outside chasing butterflies. Don’t you think?

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