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A Bad Storm

Thanks for the post, Nora Howe

I am so glad that I have such wonderful service from home. I remember the days when a storm would blow through and my service would go out. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen anymore. I was in the middle of watching a really suspenseful movie the other day when I noticed it was starting to storm. I was worried that my service would go out and that I wouldn’t be able to finish the movie. The storm started to get really intense, and I was even a little scared. My dog even went to hide under the couch because it was so loud. I think there may have even been hail coming down because when I went outside later I noticed a dent in the hood of my neighbor’s car. Even through all that, my service stayed on and I was able to finish my movie. I know that a few years ago this would have never happened. There probably would have been some sort of outage and I would have had to wait out the storm. I am happy to know that now I have satellite service I can depend on, even in a storm.

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