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Butterfly Tattoo

Cairns Birdwing, the largest butterfly in Aust...

Cairns Birdwing, the largest butterfly in Australia. Taken in the Melbourne Zoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are a few reasons why people choose to have a butterfly tattoo. To some, the meaning of a butterfly is symbolic and it represents a defining moment in their lives. Others choose butterflies only because they are so beautiful and make gorgeous tattoos.

So what is the symbolic meaning of a butterfly? These lovely winged creatures have many meanings and they are different in many cultures:

  • Transformation, regeneration, change or flight – The metamorphosis of a butterfly from an egg, to a caterpillar, to pupa and then to a beautiful adult butterfly can be symbolic for someone that has had a drastic change in their lives
  • Beauty and grace – In Japan they are a popular symbol for young girls who are emerging into beautiful young women
  • Guidance in change – When Native Americans see a butterfly, this is what it signifies to them
  • Marital bliss and harmony – In China it is believed that they will bring happiness to married couples
  • A human soul – In Christianity a butterfly stands for the soul that has escaped the confines of the flesh while in Greece a human soul is born each time a butterfly emerges from its cocoon
  • Dead souls waiting to go into purgatory – Is how Ireland views them
  • Joy and happiness – Asians keep many pictures and paintings of butterflies to have a happy home

As you can see butterflies have various meanings to different cultures and people, but you may just want one because they are so pretty. There are so many color choices for these designs that you can literally let your imagination run wild when choosing them. You can also add flowers, hearts, a name or even have several butterflies grouped together.

Women especially are fond of butterfly tattoos because of their femininity and grace. They also look great in just about anyplace you want to put them. Popular design locations are ankle, foot, wrist, stomach, back, shoulder and arm. You can also get this tattoo in any size imaginable from small to large.  Whatever choice you make for your butterfly tattoo, it will be a beautiful work of art that you will love forever.

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Butterfly Wedding – Great Themes

English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly.

Monarch Butterfly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Butterflies are looked upon as beautiful and delicate creatures by all. This is due to their fragile bodies and colourful wings. Using butterflies as a theme during weddings have become very common these days.

Right from the wedding invitation to live release of butterflies, every stage in the wedding will be butterfly themed. There are suppliers for these butterflies and butterfly styled wedding. All these will make your wedding a spectacular event.

For butterfly themed weddings, the invitations will be butterfly styled. The card can either be in the shape of a butterfly, or it can have images of butterflies in it. The flower girls and bridesmaids can have butterfly accessories like pendants, ear rings, bracelets, and hair clips.

The venue can be decorated all over with butterfly styled garlands, miniatures, images, and even leave live butterflies around. This will give liveliness to the entire setting. Even the bride can have a butterfly themed gown. It can incorporate lots of small butterfly miniatures on it. The bride can also wear butterfly accessories to complement the entire setting.

Releasing butterflies during the wedding is another major attraction. For this, monarchs are the most commonly used butterflies. These can be bought from butterfly farms or ordered online.

If you buy butterflies from any butterfly stores located nearby, you can even go and select the ones as per your choice. And if you are ordering online, you must specify the number of butterflies required and the type required. When buying in bulk, the suppliers can offer discounted prices. (more…)

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Symbolism of Butterflies

beautiful butterfly

beautiful butterfly (Photo credit: Amy Berry)

There are many things that people associate with other living creatures. Just as a black cat may mean misfortune for some people, butterflies also symbolize so many things to some people. In the life cycle of a butterfly, it starts out as an egg that turns into a caterpillar.

Then it becomes a cocoon before it turns into a beautiful creature capable of fluttering through the skies. The beauty of the butterfly and the unique transformation cycle are the most noticeable characteristics of this creature.

Butterfly sanctuaries and farms grow butterflies for commercial use. Whether for a butterfly releases during special events such as weddings or for framed butterflies, there are a lot of hobbyists and other people who truly admire the beauty of butterflies.

Butterflies come in different colors and sizes, but there seems to be one common perception about them. For some people, butterflies mean soul, change, and transformation. Here are some of the most common beliefs and symbolisms associated with butterflies.

In Chinese culture, butterflies symbolize having long life and men who are in love often use the image of the butterfly to show this in letters or on other items. The Japanese have such great reverence for butterflies that the image is often incorporated into the family’s crest. The butterfly for them means marital bliss and the vibrancy of youth.

In Greek mythology, butterflies are meant to show the souls of loved ones. In Russia and for Irish people as well, butterflies are seen as souls of people waiting to pass through purgatory. There is a town in Mexico where Monarch butterflies migrate, and when swarms of butterflies appear, they celebrate this as the Day of the Dead.

In all of these beliefs, three things are common in their belief about what butterflies mean – transformation, change, and a new and better life. Butterflies go through many different stages in their lives before truly blossoming into a beautiful butterfly. The transformation, change and renewal of their lives can be synonymous to the life of a person.

Just as when a person undergoes changes and faces difficulty and not so beautiful phases in their life, what happens next is that all these things are then transformed into a learning experience where the person grows and changes for the better. Just as the butterfly leaves behind its cocoon and transforms from a low crawling creature, the person now reaches his full potential is able to reach new heights.

The mystery and perception of people about butterflies will never seem to change. People attach themselves to not just the beauty but their belief in what the butterflies symbolize. So next time you see a butterfly, you can start to wonder whether a loved one who passed away is just nearby, or a special message and blessing is being sent to you.

Whichever you think it might be, the butterfly is truly one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful, most amusing, and most mystifying creature of all. It is a living creature that deserved to be protected and revered by all.

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Beautiful Butterfly

Small White butterfly (Pieris rapae)

Small White butterfly (Pieris rapae) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The butterfly is a beautiful creature that has been viewed by many as a representation of newness in life and freedom. While this statement holds to a more mystical understanding of the butterfly; the habitat, defense and cultural significance has also been studied for understanding.

This article will not be able to review all aspects of the butterfly but will look to examine how the butterfly has had a significant impact on cultures as a whole. More poignantly it will look to examine the early Asian culture in comparison to how the butterfly has impacted modern American culture.

The butterfly had an interesting engagement with a Taoists philosopher, where after seeing a butterfly carrying him in a dream, he reflected after he awoke whether it was he that was trying to be carried into a new life as a butterfly or was he once a butterfly carried now into the human life. As Taoism is an attempt to achieve harmony with nature I wonder how this interaction continued to shape the belief of Taoism as a whole. (more…)

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A Butterfly

A Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) caterpi...

A Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) caterpillar feeding on a leaf of the Swamp Milkweeden (Asclepias incarnata) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Consider life from a butterfly’s perspective. Before a butterfly is fully grown, it goes through different stages in life. Each stage is a different journey where different things occur – each stage even more beautiful than the next. A butterfly starts out as a tiny egg attached to a leaf or stem – barely noticeable by the world around it.

It starts off as nothing but a little dot resting in a random place in this big world. Once the egg hatches, it is called a larva or a caterpillar. The caterpillar isn’t aware of itself being called a larva or a caterpillar; it just knows that it must eat to grow so it persistently eats the leaves and flowers around it.

The caterpillar sheds its skin often as it grows and grows. After all of this eating and growing, the caterpillar must rest. He hibernates in a house he creates himself; his chrysalis and he rests there until it is time to emerge.

After a given time, nature calls for the butterfly to emerge. As beautiful as can be, the butterfly slowly emerges from his cocoon and completes his final stage, before death. The instant the Butterfly emerges, he gently begins to merge his two palpi together in order to construct his proboscis into one tube. (more…)

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Attitudes Toward Butterflies in Past Eras? Authentic Butterfly Decor

Many of us like to include butterfly motifs in our home decor. Some hang framed butterflies on the walls. Others use butterfly patterned fabrics or needlework. Those things make our homes appealing to other butterfly lovers. In fact, most people like butterflies even if they do not know much about them.

If you have an old house that is furnished with period antiques, however, you may want to be sure your use of butterfly motifs is authentic, that you are using butterflies in a way that fits in with the era of your furniture and/or your house. One way to do that is to learn more about vintage interior decoration.

Certain ideas and images were more popular or less popular in different eras. One place to find out more about what kinds of images, motifs, and colors are most suitable for your home is Period Living magazine, which specializes in not only historical information about decor of various eras but also tips for achieving an authentic period look that is compatible with contemporary tastes and lifestyles.

If the house you are decorating is a summer residence or second home, you may also want to pick up rental advertising tips to learn how to attract renters who will respect your property and take care of it. A magazine that features articles on high-value properties with fine furniture and period decor can is a good place to find tips on, for example, how to make money from your second home.

As a butterfly lover, you probably know the best places in your area to watch butterflies, where there are nearby butterfly gardens open to visitors, and which butterflies frequent your area and your own garden. Sharing such information can make your rental home very attractive to butterfly lovers from other regions.

Meanwhile you can find out the best ways to incorporate your love of butterflies into your own decor. What could be better than that?


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The Symbolism of a Crystal Butterfly

A citrus swallowtail, Papilio demodocus on Eup...


Throughout history humans have established a multitude of symbols covering a wide range of purposes. Those purposes can straddle the powerful symbols of religion or the simplest such as a first baby tooth kept by a mother to remind her of her child’s youth.

One such simple representation is the symbolism of the Butterfly. When we think of butterflies, we create in our minds the images of large colorful wings, flowers and nectar or unusual flight. But more often than not, we think of the transformation of the caterpillar through metamorphosis into the butterfly.

In nontechnical terms we tend to view this process as “new life,” or “rebirth” or a “new beginning.” These are the primary symbolisms of the Butterfly. (more…)

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Some Ideas For Homemade Butterfly Party Favors

Few flying animals fascinate children as much as butterflies, because so many different kinds can be found at a single place. It makes for a really sweet birthday party theme of you are searching for a good one for your child’s anniversary. Making butterfly party favors at home for children attending the birthday party can be a very interesting and engaging experience, forcing you to come up with new ideas.

There are two approaches to making butterfly birthday party favors. The first method is to search for exclusive butterfly favor ideas. The second and easier approach is to take everyday things that children play with or use and give them a touch of butterfly. It is this approach that we will concentrate on in this post.

Party favors are your way of thanking children for adding fun to your child’s birthday party and making it a better experience. As such, it would be great if they have a huge amount of fun and want to keep memories of this party. What better way to do that than giving them really fun party favors which they can associate with their daily lives?

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Butterfly Art and Gifts

The serenity and beauty of the butterfly has extended to the commercial sector.  It is possible to find butterfly art and gifts for almost any occasion and is suitable for anyone. Whether it’s male or female, child, teenager, or adult be assured that there is a gift or a piece of art somewhere bearing the emblem of the butterfly that the recipient will me more than grateful to receive.

Butterfly Art

Butterfly art can be described as any work or creation involving the use of butterflies in its natural form or manmade. This type of art has taken on a new dimension even in contemporary society when environmentalists and advocates of animal rights frown upon many business ideas that include animal in any form. (more…)

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Stages of the Butterflies

Metamorphosis of butterflies and moths is one of the mysteries of Nature. The ability of these insects to change from the crawling caterpillar to the flying adult is almost magical. Many people are so awe inspired by the metamorphosis that they believe that butterflies and moths could never have evolved over millions of years without a God behind it.

The butterfly exists in four distinct forms. Some consider that so do we: The fertilized egg is planted in our mother’s womb. From our day of birth we are like the caterpillar which can only eat and creep along.

At death we are like the dormant pupa in its chrysalis. After that, our consciousness emerges from the cast off body, and some see in this the emergence of the butterfly. Therefore, the butterfly is symbolic of rebirth after death.

For Christians, the butterfly’s three steps of metamorphosis — as caterpillar, pupa and then winged insect — are reminiscent of spiritual transformation. (more…)

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