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Top Interests In Your Spare Time – Live Butterfly Kit

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There are very less people in this universe who do not like butterflies. These winged beauties enhance the romanticism of any garden and are useful pollinators too.

There are different genres of colorful butterflies and their innocent beauty is enough to put a smile on every face. The life cycle of a butterfly, mainly the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into an adult butterfly makes for a most interesting and educative watch.

Nature lovers especially will cherish the memory of growing their own butterfly through out their life. If you are one of those interested in this hobby or want any of your near and dear one to experience this unique form of joy, a live butterfly kit would certainly be the best you can pick.

Before moving on to the contents and benefits of a live butterfly kit, let’s have a look at the benefits of growing your own butterfly. After the butterfly emerges you can let it out in your home garden to feast on your flower plants and help them pollinate.

You should know that many sanctuaries and gardens around the world grow their own butterflies simply to keep their landscapes more attractive and get tourists round the year. The whole procedure of having your own caterpillar, tending to it and seeing it grow into a majestic full-grown butterfly has almost a theraptic benefit towards you.

Unlike human, animals and insects accept your tending graciously and boosts your confidence and gives a over all ‘feel-good’ feeling that is so rare this days. And trust my word, your children will completely dote on this idea.

A live butterfly kit will have all the facilities that you will need to grow your own butterflies. Firstly there would be the well-fed and healthy live caterpillars that are very attractive to look at. With the transparent net cage you can notice every movement of the little fellows as they move around and feed like a glutton to arm for the nonfeeding pupa stage that is to come next.

The most interesting thing will occur here after when the caterpillar sheds its skin and grows an opaque exoskeleton. The exoskeleton also changes hues during the whole pupa stage and finally turns transparent in most cases. Then starts the waiting and watching. In few days the hard outer shell splits and a beautiful butterfly comes out.

Often it waits for a little time, hangs upside down from the split case to allow time for the wings to be stiff and strong to help them fly. Finally the moment comes when you can see your butterflies take flight and feast on your garden blooms. Red clover, milkweed flowers and goldenrod are special favorites.

Along with the caterpillars there would be special nourishing food and a set of easy to follow instructions. There is a butterfly feeder, a mister and a special see through net cage, which will be their home. You can easily set it up in your tabletop to catch all the action, and fold it for the next session when they are ready to fly. The zip top helps in easy feeding and caring.

Author advises on what you can do in your spare time. So wait no more and order for your own live butterfly kit .
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