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Irrigating Your Butterfly Garden

Whether your butterfly garden comprises acres or just a few potted plants on a balcony, you will have to make sure it is properly watered to keep it flowering to attract butterflies. A hose or watering can will take care of a balcony or patio garden, but what about a full-size lawn?

There are so many reasons to irrigate your garden or  yard. Hand watering is hit or miss, and sometimes you may get busy and forget. Being out of town during warm, dry weather can be a real problem, too.

The best answer for a large area is usually a drip irrigation system. It keeps from wasting water, and it can easily be automated to keep your plants healthy even when you are not home to water them.

Drip irrigation is especially good in a windy area or at the edge of your property, where water from a lawn sprinkler might be blown onto the neighbor’s yard instead, and not do your plants any good. It is also good if you or your family members spend a lot of time in your yard both days and evenings and do not want to get sprayed when the sprinklers come on.

You may prefer lawn sprinklers, or you may want to combine them with a drip irrigation system for several reasons. For one thing, in a very dusty area, lawn sprinklers wash dust off the plants, allowing them to absorb more light and oxygen, so they look and grow better. Also, some pests, such as red spider, are discouraged by thorough drenching by sprinklers.

Whatever system you have, or whatever you decide to install, you can easily find all the irrigation supplies you need on line. That way you can have them delivered to your door instead of running all over town trying to find them.

Ordering on line leaves more time for enjoying your butterfly garden and working on your irrigation system—or watching someone else work on it. And more time for watching butterflies, which is always a good thing.

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