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Get the Clearest Views of Butterflies and Other Creatures

If you like to watch butterflies and other creatures from inside your house, you know the importance of clean, clear windows. And you have probably noticed how sunlight heats up not only windows, but the air and furniture inside your house.

In spring and autumn (prime butterfly season in many areas), windows often fog up because of steam heat or simply because of the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors.

And sitting near a window can be a drafty experience on cool, damp days. Even though there are not air leaks, chilly outside air cools the window glass which then cools the inside air that touches it, creating a draft. And warm, moist interior air meeting cold glass can cause condensation that obscures the view and can even drip onto window sills and floors, creating a mess and damaging furniture and hardwood floors

On hot days, the opposite occurs, as sunlight heats the glass and the contents of your house. It makes you want to keep the shades or draperies drawn to keep out the sun. And that makes it hard to watch for butterflies.

So here is the answer to all those problems: double glazing. It will save a bundle on heating and cooling. Best of all, with double glazing the window stay clear, so you can clearly see what is outside—including butterflies.

So how do you get them? Shop on line. For example, a UK-based website,, offers up to four replacement-window quotes to help you find the best deal on double glazing in your area. That way you can compare double glazing cost from different suppliers and make an informed decision among features and options.

But hurry, please. Spring is coming, and you do not want to miss seeing any rare and interesting butterflies.

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