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The Best Way to Watch Butterflies? While Lounging in the Pool!

What is the best way to watch butterflies? Outdoors, of course. So you can see them close up. But even better than that is watching butterflies will lounging in or around the swimming pool.

Plant butterfly bushes (buddleia) near your swimming pool and watch butterflies hovering around the blooming flowers on warm, sunny days. Butterflies often need a place to get a drink of water, so you can make shallow puddles for them near your pool, too, to keep them around you longer.

Be sure you also keep your own pool sparkling clean with well-chosen pool filters and pool chemicals, and everyone will have a lovely day outside. It’s easy. You can order them on line and have them delivered to your door, along with the proper instructions for maintaining your pool.

It is fun to have coffee, breakfast by the pool to watch butterflies in the early morning sunshine. Their colors just seem richer in the early light. Lunch by the pool with friends and family is just more fun with butterflies, too.

You may even want to stay out after dusk to watch their cousins the moths as the night-blooming flowers open up. Some moths, like the luna, can be spectacularly beautiful. And dinner by the pool can be delightful as the day cools down.

When your favorite species of butterfly are swarming, for example, when the monarchs migrate through your area, you’ll want to take advantage of the opportunity to stay outside with them as much as you can.

Just make sure that your pool is well maintained, as healthful and beautiful as breakfast among the butterflies.

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