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Attract More Butterflies and Humans to Your Yard or Garden

Droughts and even short dry spells in some climates can be hard on butterflies and other small wildlife that like to drink from shallow puddles. They cannot safely drink from rapidly moving water, even small streams, because they are so small that they can easily get caught and be washed away.

That gives butterfly lovers another way to attract more butterflies to yards and gardens by providing them with the water they need. Watering your plants with lawn sprinklers leaves water drops on leaves and can make tiny puddles for butterflies.

Another problem for butterflies during droughts is that the flowers and plants they depend on may cease flowering and/or not grow much. That means a shortage of nectar for adult butterflies and leaves for caterpillars. It can also mean less protection for them from harsh weather and from predators.

Yet watering your yard can be prohibited or severely limited during droughts, and the cost of frequent can become expensive in some locales. One answer is to install a drip irrigation system, which delivers just enough water to keep plants flourishing, without a lot of water wasted by evaporation. That saves money for the homeowner and also conserves water for everyone else.

You can have professionals design and install a drip irrigation and a lawn sprinkler system. Or you can use movable sprinklers.

You can even install a drip irrigation system yourself by ordering the irrigation supplies and instructions on line. 

The butterflies will love you for it. And with more flowers and more butterflies, you and your human guests will enjoy visiting your yard or garden more, too.

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