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Wildflower Seed Mixture for Pollination 500 + Seeds Attract Honey Bees

Plant Honey Bee Wildflower Mixture adjacent to crops to assist in attracting honey bees and other pollinators. Honey bees and native bees are responsible for the pollination of a large portion of our food supply and other crops. Both species are endangered or becoming extinct, so whether you have crops or not, planting this beautiful wildflower mixture will help us all! Bee Feed Flower Mixture

16.98% Forgrt-Me-Not, Chinese
12.59% Wallflower, Siberian
12.59% Poppy, California
8.39% Aster, China
8.39% Poppy, Corn
6.29% Coreopsis, Lance Leaved
6.29% Flax, Blue
4.20% Baby Blue-Eyes
2.10% Gilia, Globe
2.10% Gaillardia, Annual
2.10% Tidy-Tips
1.05% Rockcress, White
1.05% Coreopsis, Plains
1.05% Alyssum, Tall White Sweet
0.55% Hyssop, Lavender
0.52% Daisy, Fleabane
0.52% Forget-Me-Not
0.42% Bergamot
0.23% Aster, New England

Product Features

  • 1,000 Plus Seeds Pure 99.9%
  • Miiture Blend Attracts Bees
  • Easy to Grow

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