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While You Were Out Watching Butterflies…

In Texas and much of the South, fall is a huge season for butterfly watching. Almost as many plants bloom in the Fall as in the Spring, and some say the bug population is actually higher.

Some of us tend to drop everything, grab a camera and take off to watch butterflies every chance we get. Eventually, though, you have to go home and deal with whatever happened while you were outdoors having a good time.

“While you were out watching butterflies….” Doesn’t that sound like the lead-in to something you won’t enjoy hearing? Overflowed bathtubs, kitchen fires, broken pipes, or other domestic disasters? Unexpected, possibly unwelcome company?

Of course, it could also lead into great news, like a phone call saying you got that new job or someone just had a baby, but still…generally it doesn’t. So what do you do?

Problems like water and smoke damage are easy to fix. Just call an expert and let them handle it. Seriously. It’s not only easier and more effective: it’s often cheaper in the long run.

For example in Central Texas, which is not only the heart of Texas but also the heart of butterfly-watching country, you can easily get help repairing water damaged floors austin, or repairing fire damage in your kitchen, and get back outside as soon as possible to watch the Monarch butterflies heading south for the winter.

You have to prioritize! Butterfly migration season doesn’t last forever, you know.

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