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Waiting for Wings

Every spring, butterflies emerge and dazzle the world with their vibrant beauty. But where do butterflies come from? How are they born? What do they eat–and how?
With a simple, rhyming text and glorious color-drenched collage, Lois Ehlert provides clear answers to these and other questions as she follows the life cycle of four common butterflies, from their beginnings as tiny hidden eggs and hungry caterpillars to their transformation into full-grown butterflies. Complete with butterfly and flower facts and identification tips, as well as a guide to planting a butterfly garden, this butterfly book is like no other.

Lois Ehlert, beloved illustrator of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and many other bold, beautiful picture books has outdone herself with this gorgeous (seriously breathtaking) celebration of butterfly metamorphosis. “Out in the fields, eggs are hidden from view, / clinging to leaves with butterfly glue. / Soon caterpillars hatch. They creep and chew. / Each one knows what it must do.” As the gentle rhyme unfolds, we turn the small, partial pages that form the larger spread of fabulous foliage in this lush, oversized book. Before our eyes, the eggs turn to caterpillars, the caterpillars to cases, the cases to lovely butterflies. “They pump their wings, get ready to fly, then hungry butterflies head for the sky.” The colors become increasingly dazzling, each butterfly springing to life with Ehlert’s color-soaked cut-paper magic. Several pages of background material conclude the book, labeling different kinds of butterflies at different stages of development, from the buckeye butterfly to the painted lady to the monarch. A “Butterfly Information” page clearly labels butterfly anatomy and answers basic question about these fascinating fluttery insects, a “Flower Identification” page showcases butterfly-attracting flowers such as the purple coneflower (echinacea), phlox, and lantana, and the last page offers a few pointers on growing a butterfly garden. (Ages 3 to 6) –Karin Snelson

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  • Size : 31.5 x 26.17 x 0.51 cm

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  1. Rob111111 "Rob111111" says:

    Waiting For Wings Soars! This delightful story explains the life cycle of the butterfly in a clear, enjoyable way that young children will understand. The rich language with many action verbs and the author’s clever use of rhyme make this book appealing to young children. The size of the illustrations are consistent with the story grammer as the pictures are largest at the point of climax in the story- when the butterflies are ready to fly. The illustrations are very brilliant in color which will appeal to young children. The end papers and title page are illustrated and a part of the story. The cover opens up to a large flower garden with the title on the right side. Descriptions of butterflies, flowers and how to grow a butterfly garden are included.This book will help young children gain a better understanding of nature and enhance their early literacy skills at the same time.

  2. Roz Levine says:

    Bold, Beautiful, Brilliant! Lois Ehlert has authored a spectacular picture book that shows and tells the life cycle of the butterfly, from tiny eggs hidden in leaves to hatching caterpillars and cocoons to hungry butterflies in search of nectar in your flower gardens. Told in a gentle rhyming pattern, her simple text is chock full of information and fun facts that is easily understood by children as young as three. But the real strength of this book are Ms Ehlert’s fabulous, vivid and brilliant illustrations that grow ever larger and more colorful with each page turn. With additional information at the end of the book about different kinds of butterflies and their favorite flowers and even growing a butterfly garden of your own, Waiting for Wings is a visual and intellectual feast for inquisitive little minds and their eyes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome I am using this book with students in my teaching practicum and they are absolutely fascinated. The illustrations are wonderful and the story is “simply” beautiful. Easy to understand information about the life-cycle of the butterfly with illustrations that hold interest and stimulate creativity in students. I have also thought of several activities to use with the book in the classroom.

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