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Visiting Valley of the Butterflies during Rhodes Holidays

In The entire Greece, Rhodes is the most attractive island. This is the reason why tourist and visitors visit this place throughout the year. Due to the perfect fun and great amenities they offer, Rhodes holidays are top for the entire family. Also this place is filled with many hotels, clubs, resorts and entertaining clubs.

In Rhodes Island, you can visit many amazing and incredible places. Rhodes holidays ideas would be perfect when you visit the valley of butterflies.

The Valley of the Butterflies:

The Valley of the Butterflies found in the west of the island is one of the most famous attractions in Rhodes. It is located in the south of Theologos village on Rhodes Island, about a kilometer distance away from Paradisi and about 26 kilometers away from the Rhodes Town. People from different areas of the world visit the valley during their Rhodes Holidays.

The Valley of the Butterflies is a unique natural park where thousands of multi colored butterflies appears from Jun to Sep each year.  The valley is given its name because of its unique reserve of butterflies. It is a beautiful valley full of greenery and natural beauty.


One can also drive to the nearby area of Petaloudes where the beautiful Kalimorfa Butterflies are found. The beautiful river Pelekanos also runs through this lush green valley.

The butterflies:

The valley is usually full of butterflies in autumn and spring seasons. There are different kinds of butterflies found here but the most common one is the species of Quadripunctaria Poda from the Panaxia genus

Because of the high humidity in the valley, the butterflies come here to reproduce. Such a large number of butterflies have made this place famous and tourists usually spend whole day seeing the Valley of the Butterflies during their Rhodes Holidays.

In the recent years the number of butterflies has been affected greatly because of unchecked tourism. Therefore, several measures have been taken to limit the tourist activity here. Even whistling and clapping is prohibited in some areas to avoid disturbing the butterflies.

The Beautiful Scenery:

There are many small trails and paths in the valley. There is a nearby river and some waterfalls. The tall trees make the area completely shaded. The overall temperature of the valley is cool and is visited by the guests during summers.

Small monastery in the region of Panagia Kalopetra is also there. A lot of small wooden bridges and stone steps are there in the valley. You can smell the breathtaking Ygramvari tree, which has sweet-smell that attracts butterflies as well as the visitors.

Many people visit this place during the Rhodes holidays for getting relaxation and peaceful environment.

Great Food:

You can enjoy many special food items in this beautiful valley. There are various restaurants which offer delicious cuisine. Many bars and hotels are situated close to the waterfalls. So you get food there while enjoying stunning waterfalls.
Rhodes Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Holidays in Rhodes will be a great holiday experience. One can simply get excellent Hotels in Rhodes
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