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Ultra Bright Garden Dragonflies 5 Blinking LEDs Solar Lights

Dragonflies Wtih 5 Blinking LEDs Garden Solar Light. The garden Dragonflies With 5 Blinking LEDs Garden Solar Light has the following features:. . Solar powered. No Wiring. Powered by the sun. Fast and easy to install. Energy saving. Recharged by solar panels under sunlight. Light turns on automatically when dark. Super bright LED for brighter light output. Rechargeable Ni-Cd AA battery (included). Safe water resistant. CE certified. LED bulb never burns out. Up to 10 hours of light when dark. Corrosion resistant. LEDs can last up to 100 000 hours. Batteries are rechargeable and should last for approximately 2 years before replacing. Ideal for areas where conventional electrial supply is not available. Product size 5(W) on Stone Dragonflies 3 (W). Approx. 12~20 on LED strings

Product Features

  • Great Gift Idea.
  • Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
  • Design is stylish and innovative. Satisfaction Ensured.

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  1. Floyd Turbo "carl0086" says:

    Excellent, long-lasting decor lights I bought these lights a year ago and they provided beautiful, decorative light all summer. I just got them out to reuse this year and they’re working fine. The light isn’t super-bright but it provides a nice night-time decoration. The only flaw, and it’s minor, is that the dragonflies are plastic and fit over the bulb so they can fall off as you move it or during a really bad storm. It’s easy to put them back on, however, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  2. Sarahzvegetabile says:

    Twinkle Twinkle I have had these for 6 years and they are still bright as the first day. The Dragonflies paint is a bit faded from all the years but they are still beautiful at night. Did I mention I have left them outside this whole time? Not bad at all for the price. I have had more expensive ones that where not as bright and didn’t last past one season. This is a great addition to a garden or patio.

  3. neisha ryan says:

    Very nice purchase I purchased the ultra bright garden dragonflies 5 blinking leds solar lights about a month ago, and I am extremely pleased with the product. I put them in the flower arrangement on top of my Mother’s Headstone. When I go to visit, (to honor my Mother), it is beautiful!!! It is almost magical the way it glows, and blinks on and off. It starts blinking about 15 minutes before sunset.I would recommend this product to anyone, and I would purchase it again!!!!

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