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Topsy Turvy® Hummingbird Upside Down Planter – red

The topsy turvy hummingbird hangout planter is the most unique, hassle free way to grow abundant flowers.

Topsy turvy is the famous upside down planter, where gravity forces the water and nutrients to pour directly down from the root to the flower. It features easy to use, efficient grow bag technology and it has seven side ports for an even more luscious flower yield.

Simply place your favorite flowering plant in the topsy turvy, add favorite potting soil, hang it up and water. Sun warms the plant like a green house. The root system explodes and thrives inside the planter.

No need for pesticides, digging or weeding. Hanging in the air eliminates ground fungus, harmful bacteria and cutworm damage.

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  2. Katie H says:

    Great planter Planted pansies in May and they are still growing and blooming in October, which is really saying something since I live in the desert with 100+ degree weather. The red color faded, but who cares when the flowers are so green and beautiful.

  3. Dixie says:

    Hummingbird Upside Down Planter Absolutely as advertised. The hummingbirds love it. The flowers bloomed quickly and have lasted for quite some time. It’s additionally a beautiful hanging plant on my patio!

  4. Dizzy Garfield says:

    Topsy Turvy Hummingbird planter fades badly in the sun We loved our Topsy Turvy tomato planters so we tried the hummingbird planter. The red plastic casing faded to white in the springtime sun within two weeks! This is common with cheaper red-dyed plastic items but we didn’t expect this from a successful company selling outdoor products intended to be in the sun. Still love our Topsy Tomato tomato planters which are on their second year in great condition.

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