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Tips on Preserving Your Butterfly Collection

Butterflies have always been associated with beauty, freedom, and life’s miracles in being able to change from something insignificant to something majestic. People’s fascination with butterflies can be traced back to ancient times, and now there are even homes, room, offices and public areas that are adorned with butterfly themed designs. There are many species of butterfly and they also come in different sizes. What is most notable about butterflies are the beautiful colors and designs on their wings. These colors and designs are very intricate works of nature and when you think about how humble their lives began, butterflies can truly amaze and inspire you.


If you have fancied having your own butterfly collection, here is how you can properly frame butterflies and keep them beautiful for hundreds of years to come.


You can use a butterfly you caught on your or you can use a more beautiful, exotic, or maybe even rare butterfly. There are online catalogues where you can purchase them. Upon drying, relax your butterflies for 12 to 24 hours to allow moisture to return so that the butterfly will not look dried up.


Gently pinch the thorax of the butterfly so you can slowly spread its wings. Remember to do it lightly so you don’t destroy the structure of the wings or its color. Then dry up the butterfly so that it will relax and settle. Use small pins and small pieces of paper to mount your butterfly.


When rested, move the butterfly into the box or frame. You can keep some of the pins but make sure you are securing it properly and correctly on the foam beneath the butterfly. Mount the butterfly only once. Do not move it around after you have mounted it as you might break parts of it. Completely cover the box or frame and top with shadow or glass cover.


Proper maintenance should be done in order to make your butterfly collection last. Butterfly collections can last hundreds of years when preserved well. Do not place them under direct sunlight as some butterflies may not be able to hold up and eventually some colors may fade. Keep them away from hot or steamy places such as the bathroom as some frames, particularly those that are not airtight may allow moisture to seep in and damage the butterfly. Some use acrylic when framing butterflies but purchasing acrylic ones would be more expensive as the time required in making them is almost six times longer. This option is best suited for more serious butterfly collectors.


Framed butterflies make for great wall or room decoration. Whether hanged or placed on shelves, one can only think of majesty when it comes having framed butterflies. You can make this as a hobby or eventually you can make this an income-generating business. There are a lot of people who are into collections and butterflies can be a great investment because they never run out of style, and they can last for a very long time.

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