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Things to know about Butterfly Life Cycle

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One of the insects that have captured human interest and wide spread liking is Butterfly… beautiful, vivacious, and carefree, this colorful insects, hailing from the Lepidoptera order is a highly loved one. Their bright hues and fluttering flight makes them an easy favourite. Their life cycle is also a much talked about and a very interesting phenomenon. It can be divided into clear stages.

Stage 1-Eggs

Butterflies can have more than a single brood during a year. The eggs are covered by a protective outer ridge called Chorion. It is lined with a wax-coating that saves the eggs from getting dry before the larva develops. The tunnel shaped opening that each egg has at its very end is called micropyles, which is the entry gate for sperms to enter and fertilize. The eggs are either oval or spherical in shape. After they are layed, these eggs remain firmly fixed to the leaves because of glue that only hardens with time. Each category of butterfly seem to have a special liking to a particular category of plant and they select a host plant, i-e, the plant that is used for laying eggs according to this. Normally eggs hatch in about a few weeks time.

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