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The Story of the Butterfly

From egg to caterpillar, to chrysalis to adult, the life cycle of a butterfly is an amazing story of survival. This educational program tells the amazing story of survival that is the life of a butterfly.

What are the predators of butterflies?

How do butterflies survive winter?

What’s the difference between a chrysalis and a cocoon?

Follow our hero, Papilio memnon (the Great Mormon Butterfly), through its entire lifecycle and learn what dangers threaten its survival at every turn and what an amazing job it does at continuing the species!

Learn about many exotic butterflies from far-flung places, and what you can do to help butterflies flourish in your garden at home and help the endangered butterflies of your area.

Narration by Janet Wantling Music by Tim Alcock Illustrations by Amanda Hillier Videography by Tom Coffee and Ian Rippey Wasp, Monarch, and Viceroy photographs by Bruce Marlin

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  1. N. Watson "Platinum Grammar" says:

    Very Appropriate This video tells about the life cycle of a butterfly. It is simple and short enough for children as young as six to enjoy, and fascinating enough for all ages. There are some mating scenes that may require discretion, but they are by no means vulgar. It just depends on the audience. I will use this again.

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