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The National Wildlife Federation’s Guide to Gardening for Wildlife: How to Create a Beautiful Backyard Habitat for Birds, Butterflies and Other Wild

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  1. merrymousies says:

    A classic reference Super book that talks to all the needs of wildlife: Food, water, place to stay. It introduces the idea of creating wildlife habitat then steps through different types of gardens (woods, meadow, water) and then goes into some neat chapters on gardening for birds, butterflies and nightlife (which I esdpecially was interested in since I hadn’t seen much of this). This was probably one ofthe first mainstream books to talk to bringing back habitat for wildlife and gardening for wildlife. I see it as a classic, a great foundation that you can build off of. If you’re just starting to get your arms around gardening for wildlife this is a terrific place to begin – has more than enough to keep you busy.

  2. Nicole Worswick says:

    The National Wildlife Federation Guide to Gardening for Wild Well If you are a avid gardener like me, you would be naturally attracted to the beautiful, coulourful pictures, perfect for coffee table adornment. The only disappoint ment is it does not help you if you live in the Caribbean, it deals mostly with temperate plants,but otherwise a joy to read.

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