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The Life Cycles of Butterflies: From Egg to Maturity, a Visual Guide to 23 Common Garden Butterflies

For everyone who has ever marveled as a butterfly magically emerges from a chrysalis, this book is a treasure chest of amazing butterfly transformations. You are invited to experience the life cycles of  common backyard butterflies in this unique collection of hundreds of stunning, full-color, up-close photos, all taken in a live garden setting. Each butterfly is shown from start to maturity, with sequential photographs of the egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and emerging butterfly. This richly visual guide to the life cycles of butterflies will appeal to wildlife enthusiasts, gardeners, teachers, and families alike.
This book has earned two national awards from Learning Magazine
(1) Teacher’s Choice Award for “Children’s Books”
(2) Teacher’s Choice Award for “Product of Excellence for the Family.”

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  1. E. Landis says:

    Excellent! This book is the result of research by experts that are able to teach others in most practical ways. Along with that, the photos are beautiful and give a glimpse into the intermost workings of nature that a reader has never seen or imagined. Practical guides for planting your own butterfly garden will give you a taste of paradise in your own back yard. A “must have” for anyone intereted in butterflies, from the seasoned to the novice seeking to know more about the subject.

  2. Li Roth "I like anonymity" says:

    I love this book There aren’t many books out there that feature quality photographs identifying butterflies and caterpillars by species. This book does that and more. Although it only features those species that occur in the region in which the authors live (Kentucky is their home state,) the book shows clear pictures of each life stage: egg, caterpillar in both early and late stages, chrysallis, and adult butterfly. Each species also has useful information listed in the text, such as known host plant(s) and favored nectar plants. There are also some additional species shown as adults in the back of the book for which the authors have yet to photo-document an entire life cycle. I have seen this listed as a children’s book, and it would be appropriate for many children, but I find it quite beautiful and informative enough to be suitable for adults as well. I’ve been gardening for birds, butterflies and bees for years now. One of my successes was having Black Swallowtail caterpillars the very first year I grew dill for them. But when I bought this book I was able to locate and identify the tiny eggs, and observe the entire life cycle of this species. I live in the Mid-Atlantic region, and most of the butterflies profiled in the book also occur in my area. Some species profiled occur over most of the U.S.–like the Monarch and Painted Lady– but some are more limited in range. If you live on the Pacific coast, for instance, you might not see many of these butterflies. The photos are still beautiful. The insects featured are still fascinating. And the format of the book is user-friendly.

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