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The Butterflies You Aren’t Seeing

One day, last week, my 6 year old daughter and I hiked to the forks of the Grand River in North Missouri, and built sand castles on the sand bar.

To get there, we had to trek through about a mile of lush green woodlands.

On the way, Chloe saw 3 or 4 beautiful butterflies (she loves butterflies) and was “oooing” and “ahhhhing” as she watched them. At one point, she said “There sure are a lot of butterflies out today!” I said “Yes, there sure are.”

As we continued walking, I thought about how much the power of expectation (in a reverse kind of way) was at work.

See, if we had gone on that hike looking for butterflies, we would have been painfully aware of how many butterflies we were NOT seeing. By comparison, the 3-4 that we did see, compared to all of the butterflies that we wanted and expected to see, but didn’t, would have caused us to think “Man, there aren’t many butterflies out today!”

Because we did not expect to see any butterflies that day, the ones we DID see were an unexpected gift to enjoy.

How many times each day are you feeling let down, rather than allowing the gifts to simply present themselves to you for your enjoyment?

Positive expectations are great. However, when your plan does not allow for the possibility anything but the way you have imagined things working out, disappointment will almost certainly be a frequent visitor. What if you just got up expecting to enjoy the day, and not just a sunny day? How many days, in your past, were “ruined” because you woke to find that the weather did not match the weather of the day you had imagined?

The next time it rains, and you are just about to gripe and complain…STOP…embrace it as you did when you were a child, and jump with both feet in the biggest puddle you can find. Even if you have to go home and change your clothes, you’ll be glad you did.

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