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Temporary Butterfly Tattoos (Free Shipping)

4 sheets (20 total unique tattoos exactly as pictured) featuring REAL butterfly species, this is what they look like in real life! The wingspan of each butterfly tattoo is about 1 ¾ inches. These are very high quality, with rich colors that will last for days. Change the quantity to 2 to receive all 8 sheets totaling 40 unique tattoos. Special offer: order 2 or more sets of 4 sheets and receive 20% off the entire order (for example 2 sets will cost a total of $8.78.) This discount will be visible and applied on the FINAL page of the checkout process so you won’t see it when you first update the quantity on this page. Be sure to click “Butterfly Utopia” above to see our other Amazon listings including butterfly stickers (free shipping) and real framed butterflies!

Product Features

  • Incredible rich colors
  • Real butterfly species!
  • One order = 4 sheets (20 unique tattoos)
  • Change the qty to 2 to receive all 8 unique sheets
  • 20% off 2 or more sets, see details below

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