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Taking and Using Photos of Butterflies

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When it comes to decorating, gifts and crafts, there are few images that are quite as useful and versatile as pictures of butterflies. Read on to learn about where you can get the most stunning butterfly pictures, and a projects that you can use them in to create a memorable gift for a child.

Where to Find Pictures of Butterflies

While you could search the internet for hours looking for the ideal butterfly photos or images, the best place to find the pictures of butterflies to suit your needs is to take them yourself. You don’t need a high-powered professional camera to take beautiful puctures of butterflies, all you need is a decent camera with optical zoom and a little bit of patience.

Make sure your camera has a high optical zoom, at least 7 to 10x. Avoid using digital zoom for these kind of photos because it distorts the fine details that make these pictures so beautiful.

The camera should also have macro mode, which allows you to zoom in with your lense only a few inches from the object, with the object remaining clearly while the background is blurred.

Visit any field near where you live where there is an abundance of flowers, and the right opportunity is sure to arrive. Have your camera ready while hunting through the field for butterflies.

When you see one on a flower, walk very carefully and slowly so as not to spook the butterfly. Sitting on a flowertop is the ideal setting to take some amazing pictures of butterflies.

When you capture the butterfly on camera, don’t just take one picture from one angle. Move slowly and get images from every angle possible. It can even be useful to experiment taking shots of them while they are in flight – you never know when you will capture a moment of exquisite beauty.

Take photos in the early morning or early evening when the sunlight isn’t quite as glaring, but bright enough to provide enough natural lighting. Also experiment with the sun both behind the subject and behind you.

Take as many photos as your card will hold – you can go through and delete the blurred or useless ones later. Take pictures as you move slowly toward each butterfly, and hopefully you will be able to get close enough to capture a stunning closeup from very close range.

What To Do with Pictures of Butterflies

Once you’ve captured hundreds of pictures of butterflies, there are more than enough projects to make wonderful use of them. But one of the most creative is to create a personalized children’s book for a child in your family. Such a book would be both educational and entertaining.

Start with an empty scrapbook with a cover that’s the sort of style you think the child will like. The scrapbooks with adhesive cardboard with plastic sleeves are the best choices for this sort of project.

The adhesive back makes the project very easy, and the plastic sleeves protect the photos from the usual rough handling of a child. Stencil a pretty design and words on the outside of the book.

Inside, scatter images of family members, the child as a small baby, and various butterflies along the way. An even more amazing impact would be images of a butterfly being born from a cacoon along the way as images of the child growing progress through the scrapbook.

What better way to let them know how beautiful you think they are? Include pictures of the child’s most memorable moments, pictures of their pets, and many other things that will make them smile.

Stencil words throughout so that it’s just like a children’s book. When you give this hand-made children’s book as a gift, it will be a gift that the child will treasure for years to come.

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