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Stokes Butterfly Book: The Complete Guide to Butterfly Gardening, Identification, and Behavior (Stokes Backyard Nature Books)

This popular guide to attracting, identifying, and enjoying all the common North American species of butterflies includes 149 full-color photos, 65 range maps, and two sample garden plans.

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  1. R. Spivey says:

    Handy guide The two things I liked best about this book are the pages devoted to identifying butterflies by color (it groups them so that if you see one that is predominantly orange, you can look at the page of orange butterflies to find the one you’re trying to identify), and the pages devoted to creating an attractive butterfly garden, with schemes showing how to arrange plants that attract butterflies. It’s not a technical book, thereby making it a good guide for backyard butterfly enthusiasts.

  2. Dianne Foster "Di" says:

    Bird lovers…become butterfly enthusiasts… I’ve been enchanted with birds ever since I observed my parents whistling and mocking the mockingbirds who mocked them back. I’ve been a gardener forever, cursing those creepy caterpillers who devoured this and that. In the past few years I’ve taken a greater interest in butterflies, and lo what do I discover…the creepy caterpillers turn into the beautiful butterflies if the birds don’t eat them first. I knew that of course because like lots of kids, I too brought home the cocoon found on some branch and kept it in a glass jar with holes punched in the top until it did not “hatch.” Yes, I said did NOT. I never had any success with this effort so I forgot about caterpillers and cocoons–until I opened STOKES BUTTERFLY BOOK and there are those darn cocoons again.

  3. Marilyn Clark says:

    Enjoy Butterflies In Your Yard Or On Your Patio I love the Stokes Nature Guides. I’ve owned The Butterfly Book for years. I found that when I followed the book’s recommendations and put plants for both caterpillars and adult butterflies in my yard that my enjoyment of butterflies grew. I love all of the pictures of caterpillars and found the instructions for raising caterpillars helpful. The butterfly book covers planting for both caterpillars and butterflies and butterfly behavior. In fact, planting for butterflies in containers is also a cinch. Butterfly gardens of all sizes, shapes, and types are being planted at home, in school yards, and at nursing homes. I keep watching for adult Monarchs to come back to my yard each spring. I love watching their caterpillars gobble up leaves. A couple of years ago, I learned how to how to find and identify butterfly eggs and made a video on Butterfly Homes. In the last section of the book, 63 of the most common butterflies, including the ones you are most likely to see in your yard, are described. They are grouped by family. I found the book’s description of the appearance and behavior of butterflies in different families especially helpful. This book is an excellent choice for young and old alike.

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