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Stinger UV40 40 Watt 1-Acre Advanced Bug Zapper

High-impact polycarbonate plastic housing with UV blacklight that attracts phototropic insects and lures them into killing grids. Once inside the killing grid, power from high voltage transformer quickly and efficiently eliminates flying insect. Unit should be placed 25-foot to 50-foot away from house or areas of human activity and at least 6-foot to 8-foot off the ground. Required maintenance is annually replacing the UV black light and periodically cleaning the killing grids. CUL and CSA listed. Plugs into 120V outlet.Insects can ruin a picnic or deck party in no time, so this electronic bug zapper helps keep the flying variety away at least. Protecting a full acre, the Stinger uses two methods to lure flying pests: a blue ultraviolet light from a 40-watt fluorescent bulb, and a chunk of “NOsquito” mosquito attractant that attaches directly to the underside of the 18-by-9-inch cylinder. As insects enter the cylinder’s grid and hit the light, they are killed and fall to the ground through the open bottom. The grid prevents children’s hands, birds, and butterflies from touching the bulb.

For best results, the Stinger should be hung at least seven feet off the ground and about 25 feet away from where people will be gathering. A strong metal loop on top allows hanging from a branch or bracket, and the 10-inch integral power plug can be plugged into an outdoor extension cord. The UV bulb should be changed yearly for best results. Waterproof and rugged, the Stinger is covered by a three-year warranty and is also available in a smaller size. –Ann Bieri

Product Features

  • Decorative style insect control
  • Maintains superior efficiency
  • Focuses on mosquito attraction with an integrated cartridge specially designed for a new No Squito Octenol lure
  • Free No Squito Octenol lure included
  • Easy to replace bulbs, poles and brackets

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  1. scottls1 "scottls1" says:

    Stinger vs Flowtron/Winner! I changed my Stinger rating from a 5, to a 1 (there was no O!)Stinger:Pros- With mosquito lure, killed lotsa bad insects (at first, then wouldn’t zap small insects!?)- BUT!Cons- Their electric wire grid uses square wires that QUICKLY clog up. Pretty soon it was packed solid & killing nothing!I had to keep blowing it out ( air compressor) every couple ofdays- HASSLE!Flowtron “80!” (took puny 40 back!)-Pros- Killed lots more bugs, because it NEVER clogs up (zaps small insects too!)!The electric rods are straight up/down, so no cross wires to catch falling insects & clog.Dead insects fall out the bottom- Blow clean once a month…I used the Stinger mosquito lure, purchased at Wally World…Cons- The only con is that the outer protective plastic cage HAD bars only about 1/2″ apart (same with Stinger)- This kept larger moths… from being able to easily get in to the electric grid.I used a large wire cutter & cut out every 3d bar- on top 2/3ds of cage- Alternating…, so cut bar was in the middle of two solid bars on adajacent side- Still rigid!I put it on an outside timer (for when evenings cool down- Not much insect activity below 55 degrees…). Adjust accordingly.Never hang it near a door, as their is always a 10′+ swarm of insects around it.Try to hang it over head high, in a DRY (electric) area.

  2. scottls1 "scottls1" says:

    Stinger Does kill mosquitos…!, if…- I HAD a “BAD” problem with mosquitos (West-Nile fever…!)! I web searched for a bug killer… that would work!Top choices, for me-1. Propane powered models/traps…- High-maintenance, bulky, heavy, expensive (about $300+… for “top-rated” models!), 5 gallon propane tank lasts only about 30 days ($OUCH!), fire danger…, then you end up with a messy net full of mosquitos (still alive?)!Too much of a HASSLE…! NOT for me!2. Electric bug zappers- I read SERVERAL web reviews saying that these types of low-maintenance “electric” bug zappers would not attract mosquitos (My old Flowtron did not!)?a. I reviewed the Stinger UV40. THIS WORKS!!! (I recommend getting at least the 40w (1 acre)! Only $7 more than the puny looking 15w. The 80w “looked” AWESOME?!-It comes with a mosquito bait lure- “Octenol (a USDA tested mosquito lure) cartridge included”.They recommend replacing it every 30 days (I replace mine “when” it stops drawing mosquitos. $5 @ Wal-M).The Stinger unit has a place DIRECTLY UNDER the light, to place the Octenol lure- The fumes rise up and draw the mosquitos in to the electric zapper grid. Was this just “sales hype”?#1$Wal-M & Lowes have liberal return policies. I decided to “give it a try”?Every morning there WERE “hundreds” of dead mosquitos on the patio, under the Stinger!!!Some environmentalists claim bug zappers “may” also kill helpful insects?-All I’ve ever found, are LOTS of dead mosquitos & moths!Some helpful tips-1. Do not mount near doors… (draws “swarms” of insects!). Hang it 7ft high (head room).2. As a test to see when it stopped zapping (temperature)?- I left mine on all night, and checked it frequently (I’m a night person), to see when it stopped zapping? We “usually” have cool evenings- it stopped zapping at about 1am. Does nothing “before” dark!I put mine on a timer (I will adjust settings, as temperatures… change)!!!3. For easy cleaning (only once in awhile)- Instructions say- you can blow it off with the exhaust side, of a vacuum cleaner?I blow mine out with an inexpensive air compressor (if you don’t have one, you should! Lots of uses!).I would “not” recommend turning a water hose on it (electronic parts/shock hazard…!)!4. They recommend that after a year- Even though UV bulb still glows, it loses its effectiveness, and stops drawing many insects. I will “then” “easily” replace the UV bulb ($12 @ Wal-M).ENJOY!

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