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Sticky Mosaics® Butterflies

Sticky Mosaic Butterflies

Sticky Mosaic Butterflies

Let your imagination soar with these four totally unique butterflies. Use your creativity to add color, sparkle, and jewels then watch them transform into flying beauties!

  • Butterflies, Butterflies, Butterflies, Butterflies.
  • Decorate 4 shaped butterfly designs with all the ease of Sticky Mosaics®.
  • Includes 4 designs, 4 wall hangers and over 1900 sticky foam and jewel pieces.
  • Great for play dates and birthday parties.
  • The award winning line of Sticky Mosaic® craft kits will delight all ages and all skill levels.

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  1. Christina Ferrari says:

    Keeps a kid busy independently Love this! The colors are great! My 4 yo got this for her birthday. No mess and kept her busy for hours just on one stencil design. Highly recommend! I plan on getting more for her to design in the future. Not a toy that you have to monitor and give a lot of direction with.

  2. Angie says:

    Such fun! And beautiful! Update: These turned out to be great for our plane ride! It would have been nice if they’d be just a bit smaller, but they fit okay in my bag and on the tray tables. Two little gals (aged 8 & 9) and I enjoyed them on the second of our back to back 10 hour plane flights. They kept our attention for a long time.**Original Review:I purchased this for an airplane activity and found that it’s a bit too big for that. The butterflies are larger than I expected and therefore won’t travel quite as easily as I’d hoped. They do fit in my backpack, though, so I’m going to bring a couple and we’ll see how it goes. I’m delighted with the quality of the materials. The butterflies are made from perfectly stiff cardboard and the colors are lovely. The stickers are easy to pull apart and the directions are easy to understand. I imagine that some will be turned off by the prescriptive nature of this project, because it is intended for the design to be followed exactly. It’s a reasonable belief that art should, by nature, be explorative and free. However, I submit that this type of project is a sort of puzzle or exercise in following directions. These are also important skills. And, darnit, they look pretty! What better artistic encouragement than to make something that looks pretty! It looks like there will be enough stickers left over to allow for some lovely experimentation too.

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