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Solar Powered Butterflies with 5 Blinking LEDs Garden Solar Light

Butterflies with 5 Blinking LEDs Garden Solar Light This garden Butterflies With 5 Blinking LEDs Garden Solar Light has the following features: Solar powered No Wiring Powered by the sun Fast and easy to install Energy saving Recharged by solar panels under sunlight Light turns on automatically when dark Super bright LED for brighter light output Rechargeable Ni-Cd AA battery (included) Safe water resistant CE certified LED bulb never burns out Up to 10 hours of light when dark Corrosion resistant LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours Batteries are rechargeable and should last for approximately 2 years before replacing Ideal for areas where conventional electrical supply is not available Product size 5″(W) on Stone, Butterflys 3″ (W). Approx. 12″~20″ on LED strings

Product Features

  • Solar powered
  • No Wiring
  • Recharged by solar panel
  • Light turns on automatically when dark
  • Product size 5″(W) on Stone, Dragonflies 3″ (W). Approx. 12″~20″ on LED strings

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  1. jjceo says:

    A cute arrangement of 5 butterflies with LED’s powered by a solar cell rock base! This is an attractive butterfly garden ornament the will add character to your landscaping or gardens. It is a weighted rock ornament with a built in solar panel that charges a Ni-CD battery that will power the LED’s for up to 10 hours. The base does have an on/off switch so make sure that you turn it on for use. It has a sensor that can tell when it is dark enough to automatically turn on the LED’s which are bright and the randomly flash to create a beautiful decoration. (Please see my video) The unit is attractive in the daylight and in the night.Since it is solar powered it is easy to set up, turn it on and forget it. You can set it anywhere outside where it gets sun for about 10 hours per day and it will operate without any additional power. If you set it under a light that is on outside of your home it may not come on. Make sure that the solar panel gets enough light and it not covered up by a flower or a shrub.This was a birthday present for my wife and she loved it.

  2. Sandra K. Clark says:

    Very Cute Love watching these twinkle in my garden amongst my flowering bushes. They last throughout the night and work perfectly. We even have a hummingbird checking them out during the day.

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