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Red Carpet Studios Sparkling Spiral Suncatcher, 34-Inch Long, Butterflies

Red Carpet Studios present Sparkling Spiral Mobile Suncatchers. Colorful butterflies dance in the wind with the 34-inch long mobile. 6-Inch diameter hoop holds varying lengths of strong thread capturing these sparklers. Use indoors or out to add shine to your decor.

Product Features

  • Sparkling Spiral Mobile dances in the wind
  • Made of colorful metal
  • Mobile features a group of butterflies
  • Works with Red Carpet Studios’ rotating motor, available separately
  • 34-Inch long and 6-Inch diameter

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  1. Laura Sanchez says:

    butterflies are paper, not metal! Based on the description “made of colorful metal” I assumed these would be little metal butterflies, wrong! I opened the package to find a copper hoop and a bunch of baggies with floppy butterflies connected with a tangle of fishing wire. The butterflies are just paper, flexible and floppy cutouts with a holographic print – think shiny gift wrap paper. I’m pretty sure holographic post-it letters I bought for a banner were made out of the same material.This is listed as a garden and patio item, so I had thought it could hang outside, I don’t think its suitable for outdoor use at all. It could be cute indoors (if you like shiny foil in bright colors), but even a fan in the room would have the potential to tangle it up badly.

  2. cat says:

    No what I expected The butterflies suncatcher was not what I expected. It tangles and is awkward, I quess it is to windy where I live

  3. Cindy Brock "Professional Writer & Product Re... says:

    Really colorful I am currently updating my home’s exterior with some Feng Shui enhancements. I felt this would be perfect because of the colors and crystals on the bottom. While you can use it outside, it would be excellent in any room (sunroom, girls room, etc.) to add some color – especially if you hung it in a window! Really like it.

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