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Red Carpet Studios Ltd. Spiral Tunes Suncatchers Butterfly Mosaic Mobile

Red Carpet Studios Ltd. Spiral Tunes Suncatchers Butterfly Mosaic Mobile. Quality made for long and beautiful life.

Product Features

  • Spiral tunes suncatchers mosaic mobile
  • Stained glass mosaic butterflies
  • Made of copper; use inside or outside
  • Red carpet studios custom design
  • Measures 36-inches in length

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  1. Marlene Dube "EthelMED" says:

    Mosaic Dragonfly Wind Chime Sent this wind chime to a friend who loves dragonflies. She reports that it is absolutely beautiful hanging inside where the sun shines on it. All the colors are amazing. Recovery from major surgery will be easier with such a beautiful piece of art to view.

  2. tinker4907 says:

    suncatcher First the suncatcher I received was all blue and not multi colored. Second..the butterflies were not evenly spaced. Four of them were at almost the same level and bumping and the bottom one was four inches below the next one up. Poorly put together. I bought this one to see what they looked like before ordering any more. I won’t be ordering any others due to the poor construction. It took me a while to restring the butterflies but now they do hang evenly. Disappointed that it was not multicolored.

  3. chazndeb says:

    Dragonfly Suncatcher I am very pleased with the dragonfly suncatcher I ordered. It seems to be well made and the colors are vibrant. My daughter-in-law is a dragonfly freak and I got this for her for Christmas and she is gonna LOVE it !!!

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