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Real Butterfly Art Collection with 5 Mounted Species in Double Sided Frame

All frames are hand crafted and the quality and characteristics are much better then the common, one-sided Riker Mounts. One of the great benefits of double pane glass framing is that you can see the front and back sides of the mounted butterflies. In most cases involving Neotropical butterflies the front and back sides of the wings are distinctly different. The back many times displays a species distinct form of self defense.

Product Features

  • This collection comes with 4 unique neotropical butterflies and one geometridae moth
  • 4″ x 12″ x 1.5″ classic finish brown wood frame, silicone sealed with crystal glass panes on the front and back
  • Mounted to museum quality standards so they last a life time.
  • Farm raised in butterfly farms along the Eastern provinces.

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