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Real Blue Morpho Butterfly Framed and Mounted in Black Display

The Morpho didius is a beautiful species of the Nymphalidae Morphidae tribe, most commonly known for the blue iridescence on the front of their wings. The beauty on their front side overshadows the beauty of the back sides of the wings which are patterned with oscelli circles giving the illusion of eyespots. These are self defense mechanism patterns that ward off predators by making them feel outnumbered or in the case of the stronger more confident predators, deterring them into attacking the wings as opposed to the body

Product Features

  • This is one of the 27 different species of beautiful blue Morphos from the Amazon
  • This Black wood frame is 6.5″ x 7.25″ with double pane glass on the front and back
  • Unlike with Riker Mounts, the double pane glass allows you to see both the front and back sides of the butterfly
  • Take a look at how different and amazing the front and back sides of the Morpho didius are
  • Includes a very interesting, page long summary on facts and the history of the Blue Morpho in human society

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