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Protect your Plants with Butterfly Netting

If you spend hours in your garden it can be frustrating if your plants suffer from attacks from wildlife.  Butterfly netting is the perfect solution if you are finding it difficult coping with caterpillars.  These small creatures can cause extensive damage, especially if you are trying to grow your own fruit and vegetables.

The Problem with Caterpillars

There are many different types of caterpillars and they come in all different sizes.  Throughout their life span these small creatures have to eat as much as possible before they make their cocoons and turn into a butterfly.  If you are unsure as to whether your problem is related to the caterpillars you can look out for some signs.  The first being the appearance of damage to your crops so look out for leaves being half eaten.  You can also keep an eye out for their eggs which will be on the underside of the leaves in small clusters.

The Natural Option

There are chemicals which you can buy to try to cope with the problem.  The problem with this is it can be harmful to the environment and can cause the build-up of toxins in the body when consumed. The safest way to get prevent this type of damage is to use butterfly netting.  This is a safe alternative for the environment and will not affect the crop.  If you are looking to live the good life and want to grow organic foods then this is the ideal option to choose.

Protect Against Butterflies

Butterfly netting helps to stop the butterflies from laying their eggs on your plants and therefore is the perfect way of dealing with this problem.  A fine mesh is laid over the areas you need to protect.  The thin mesh will prevent many other insects from getting to the lush green plants below and is able to stop virtually all types of moths and butterflies.

The butterfly netting is designed to last many years so it is an occasional purchase that needs to be made every ten years or so.  If you would like your plants to be pollenated you will need to remove the netting for periods of time.  This allows the useful pollinators such as birds and bees to gain access to the pollen and do what comes naturally.  Once you are confident that pollination has taken place simply cover the netting back over.

Order the Size you need

You can usually purchase the butterfly netting by the metre. Simply measure the area you need to cover and order the correct size online.  If you want a longer length than usual you may have to call the company and make your request.  You will also need to use pegs to secure the netting to prevent it being blown away; you can buy specially designed pegs or craft your own.

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Butterfly netting is the perfect way to stop damage to your crops by caterpillars and other small insects. You can continue to grow organic food and plants by using butterfly netting and avoid the use of pesticides and chemicals which are harmful to the environment.
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