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Peterson First Guide to Butterflies and Moths

Peterson First Guides are the first books the beginning naturalist needs. Condensed versions of the famous Peterson Field Guides, the First Guides focus on the animals, plants, and other natural things you are most likely to see. They make it fun to get into the field and easy to progress to the full-fledged Peterson Guides.

Product Features

  • Authors: Paul A. Opler, Amy Bartlett Wright and Roger Tory Peterson.
  • ISBN: 0395906652

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  1. Rabbi Yonassan Gershom says:

    A wonderful intro book! This introductory field guide is much, much better than the old Little Golden Guide” that beginning Lepidoptrists (butterfly lovers) have relied on in the past. I wish I had had the new First Guide version a kid! It shows accurate color drawings of the most common species, along with the food plants and, in some cases, the other life stages such as larvae and pupae.

  2. L. Graham "Music Lover" says:

    Typical Peterson Typical of all the Peterson guides. This one has all the information one normally needs. It also is arranged in sometimes frustrating sections which require one to go to several sections for a complete profile of the subject matter. I simply do not want to spend the time going back and forth in the book when I simply want basic information on one insect.

  3. meganOK says:

    Kind of Disappointed I bought this for my almost 5 year old bug lover. She is always finding moths and butterflies and asking me what they are. This book has what look like drawings instead of actual pictures. It can be kind of hard to tell the name because they aren’t labeled well. Sometimes it can be hard to tell which name goes with which creature. The pictures are very accurate to the actual butterfly and moth. For basic identification it’s great, but if you own any Audobon Society book, you will be disappointed with this.

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