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One Hundred Butterflies

In One Hundred Butterflies, photographer Harold Feinstein¬†showcases butterfly varieties from around the world, turning exquisite details into mesmerizing works of art. Feinstein’s breathtaking photographs capture the color, vibrancy, and infinite variety of patterns that occur on the wings of these ornate insects. One hundred impeccably reproduced, oversized photographs allow viewers to appreciate the Blue Morpho of Central America, the African Birdwing, and the Asian Swallowtail at a scale and depth impossible to experience in nature. An elegantly printed deluxe gift book, it is a treasure for butterfly enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

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  1. Luanne Ollivier says:

    Absolutely stunning…. I’ve been reviewing photography and coffee table books this month and they’ve all been amazing, but I really have to say, One Hundred Butterflies is simply and absolutely stunning.Once I actually got past the cover, I had to stop and linger on the flyleafs. There are at least 40 colour images presented here as well.Moths and butterflies have evolved to survive. Their wings sometimes mimic owl eyes, some colours are interpreted as poisonous by predators, sometimes they blend in with the leaves on the trees. Fred Gagnon provides an excellent forward about moths and butterflies at the beginning of the book. There are quotes and an 1800′s essay included as well.Each species is photographed with a black background. The colours and patterns are just magnificent. Nature is truly the greatest artist. The pictures are close ups, so that you can see the finest details. Each species is named, with it’s Latin name and country of origin as well.There really are not words to describe the beauty. Each plate is a work of art on it’s own. (I briefly thought that each piece would be a wonderful framed picture, but wouldn’t want to desecrate the book) The book is oversized, the stock heavy and glossy. A book to be savoured and enjoyed.A truly remarkable book, one that nature or art lovers would appreciate.

  2. B. Davis "crazy about books" says:

    A Work of Art Let me start by saying, One Hundred Butterflies by photographer Harold Feinstein, is one of the most gorgeous coffee table books I have ever seen. As I opened it, page by page, my breath was taken away. The full page photographs are large, vivid, and extremely detailed. Butterfly varieties from around the world are shown, most of which I had never seen before now. Feinstein has created a classic work of art that cannot be disputed. This beautiful book would make a wonderful gift. I’m giving a copy to my granddaughter who loves art.

  3. I Hope You Dance says:

    100 Butterflies that Got Away I bought this for my daughter, and had high hopes for it. Though it’s great to have large photos of both the top and underside of butterflies, I was really disappointed in the quality of the photography (perhaps it was the printing). I expect macro photography – extreme close up of small objects – to be crisp and full of detail. This was colorful, but vague – not detailed. Not blurry, but definitely not the sharpness that I expected. Seller was fine, but book was a real disappointment.

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